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Joint Project (JP) 2077 - Logistics for the Warfighter


Management Structure

The Logistics Acquisition Program will provide a $700m-$1b capability to Logistics Information Systems Branch (LOGIS), which is a division of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO). This investment will occur from 2006 to 2016.

Due to the far-reaching implications of the project and the complexity of the interfacing systems, the DMO project team has consulted and will continue to consult extensively across all groups and services to ensure joint collaboration on requirements and implementation. Project teams are representative of the aforementioned commitment with subject matter experts representing each arm of the services, Navy, Army and Air Force.

AIRCDRE Brendan Betchley AIRCDRE Brendan Betchley
Director General Logistics Information Systems Branch (DGLOGIS)
Overall responsibility for JP2077.
Program Manager Logistics Acquisition Program (PMLAP)
Responsible for the Logistics Acquisition Program to support the MILIS vision.
Ms Eddie David
Acting Program Director Phase 2B.1
Responsible for the closure activities of Phase 2B.1 to support the MILIS vision.
Dallas Reilly Dallas Reilly
Program Director Phase 2B.2
Responsible for the delivery of the ADF deployable logistics inventory system (ADFDLS); and the integrated in-transit visibility cargo movement system (IITV).
CAPT Chris Fealy, RAN GPCAPT Tim Pedley
Program Director Phase 2D
Responsible for delivering further improvements in logistics information capabilities relating to Materiel Logistics Information Systems (MILIS).
Mr David McCracken Mr David McCracken
Acting Director Minors Acquisition Program
Responsible for minor projects for logistics IT applications.
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