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Remotely Piloted Unmanned Aircraft Systems MQ-4C Triton
AIR 7000 Phase 1B

The MQ-4C Triton is a remotely piloted High Altitude Long Endurance aerial system which will complement the P- 8A Poseidon maritime aircraft.

Space Surveillance Telescope
AIR3029 Phase 2

Project AIR 3029 Phase 2 is the relocation of a Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) from a site in New Mexico to a new fit-for-purpose facility

JORN Mid Life Upgrade
AIR2025 Phase 6

The AIR2025 PH6 project will deliver a comprehensive redesign and upgrade of the Jindalee Operational Radar Network.

Advanced Growler Airborne Electronic Attack Capability
AIR 5349 Phase 6

AIR5349 Phase 6 will introduce into Air Force service a number of enhancements to the Airborne Electronic Attack Capability.

Lead-In Fighter Capability Assurance Program
AIR 5338 Phase 1A

Project Air 5438 Phase 1A - Lead-In Fighter Capability Assurance Program (LIFCAP) has been raised to ensure that RAAF Fast Jet training remains effective until ...

Army Reconnaissance Helicopter
AIR 87 Phase 2

This project was approved to provide a reconnaissance and fire support capability for the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft
AIR 5077 Phase 5A

This project will provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with an Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) capability.

Multi Role Helicopter
AIR 9000 Phase 2

The Multi-Role Helicopter (MRH) Program is a key component of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).