2016-17 Budget
Estimate $13.6b

  • xAcquisition $7.2b
  • xSustainment $5.7b
  • xProvision of Policy Advice and Management Services Budget $0.7b
Pie chart showing the proportion of budget allocated to Acquisition, Provision and Sustainment

Our projects

  • Cost 95%

    on average our projects are delivered 5% under budget

  • Capability 96%

    of Materiel Capability Performance measures are being met in 29 of our largest, most complex projects.

  • Schedule 30%

    average slippage for projects approved since 1 July 2005, versus over 50% for their predecessors.

Defence seeking executives for independent assurance reviews.

The Department is seeking Senior Executives to join its Independent Assurance Review (IAR) team.

IAR is a process intended to improve project outcomes and ensure that Defence is able to provide high quality and reliable advice to Government regarding the health and outlook of major capital acquisition and sustainment project, products and programs.

Read more about Independant Assurance Reviews

Read more about Independant Assurance Reviews