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Directorate General Technical Airworthiness - Australian Defence Force (DGTA-ADF) is responsible for a number of key documents relating to military technical airworthiness. Links to relevant Australian Air Publications (AAPs) and other documents are provided below. These documents are current as at the date this page was last modified (see below). The document amendment status is described by the issue date (on the first page) as well as the latest Amendment List (AL) number located on the Amendment Status Page. Where practicable, if the documents or extracts from the documents are printed or reproduced, the copies should be marked 'UNCONTROLLED DOCUMENT - NOT SUBJECT TO UPDATE', or words to that effect, before use or further distribution.  Users of these documents should also understand it is their responsibility to confirm that they are current.  This may be confirmed, within the ADF, by contacting the nearest Technical Publications Office (TPO) or, for a commercial organisation, through the Sponsor Authorised Engineering Organisation (AEO) or Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO).

AAP 6734.001 - Defence  Aviation Safety Manual
AAP 7001.048 - Defence  Aviation Safety Program Manual
System Safety Guidance Material
AAP 7001.053 electronic Technical Airworthiness Management Manual (eTAMM) Release 01 Dec 14 (Previous Versions)
AAP 7001.054 - electronic Airworthiness Design Requirements Manual 11 Dec 14
AAP 7001.059 - electronic ADF Aviation Maintenance Management Manual (Previous Versions)
AAP 8000.010 - ADF Operational Airworthiness Manual
DI(G) OPS 02-2 Defence Aviation Safety Program
RAAF Standard Engineering No. T5022 - Requirements for the Maintenance of ADF Aircraft and Aircraft Equipment by Civilian Tradespersons (Version 2 AL 1)
DEF(AUST) 9022 - Requirements For Civilian Personnel maintaining State aircraft or Aeronautical product
SDE/DSDE Assessment Form
Adobe Acrobat Form DGTA-DAVCOMP CAR Form SG271 Pt 2 (Acrobat)
CAR Pt 2 Organisation Response DGTA-DAVCOMP CAR Form SG271 Pt 2 (MS Word 2003)
Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM)
Technical Airworthiness Directives
Technical Airworthiness Advisory Circulars

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