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Keighran VC presents Victoria Cross to Memorial

Australia’s latest Victoria Cross recipient, Corporal Daniel Keighran VC, presented his medal for loan to the Australian War Memorial.

Australia’s latest Victoria Cross recipient, Corporal Daniel Keighran VC has presented his Victoria Cross to the Australian War Memorial.

Corporal Keighran’s Victoria Cross and accompanying medal group are on loan to the Memorial and will be on display in the Hall of Valour early next year.

Dr Peter Pedersen, Assistant Director and Branch Head of the National Collection at the Australian War Memorial said the medal was an important part of the ongoing story of the Australian experience of war.

“Corporal Keighran’s medals and story will join those of many ordinary men and women who have done the extraordinary; their deeds form an immortal part of our nation’s history. I am sure many Australians will want to seeCorporal Keighran’s medals and learn more about his remarkable courage and selfless service.”

Corporal Keighran is only the third recipient of the Victoria Cross for Australia, which in 1991 replaced the British or Imperial Victoria Cross. When Corporal Keighran’s Victoria Cross goes on display next year, it will become the 69th Victorian Cross on display at the Memorial (this total includes three British medals).

Corporal Keighran said his medals would be in good company, and the actions of so many VC recipients had cost them their lives.

“I hope my VC inspires people to visit the Memorial, to learn more about our military history and the sacrifices of all those who have served.”

Corporal Daniel Alan Keighran was awarded the Victoria Cross for Australia following his heroic actions at Derapet, Uruzgan province, Afghanistan, on 24 August 2010.

His citation reads in part: “[Corporal Keighran’s] acts of exceptional courage in circumstances of great peril were instrumental in permitting the withdrawal of the combined Australian and Afghan patrol with no further casualties. His valour is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Australian Army and the Australian Defence Force.”

The Hall of Valour honours all the Australians who have received the Victoria Cross, the highest award for bravery in time of war. Amid great battles and the movements of armies, the exploits of courageous individuals have always provided inspiration. The Hall of Valour recognises the deeds of ordinary Australians under the extraordinary conditions of war.

Corporal Keighran’s full medal group comprises the following honours and awards: