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Battle of Derapet footage released
17 September 2010

The Battle of Derapet
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Operation home - Afghanistan

Footage of a three-hour fire-fight between the 1st Mentoring Task Force and Taliban insurgents has been released by the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The contact has become known as the Battle of Derapet and was where Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney was killed in action on the morning of 24 August 2010.

The combat imagery, filmed by an Australian soldier using a camera mounted on his helmet, vividly demonstrates the intensity of the contact .  It lasted more than three hours  with Australian troops battling a large number of insurgents, some of whom were less than 100 metres away.

The combined Afghan National Army and Australian patrol used an aqueduct to move into the town of Derapet. Observation from ADF elements identified fighting-aged males moving into the area while women and children were seen leaving.

Afghan soldiers fought side by side with their Australian counterparts and conducted their own battlefield ammunition resupply to remain in the fight.

Australian soldiers described their Afghan colleagues as fearless throughout the engagement.  International Security Assistance Force Close Air Support in the form of Apache Attack Helicopters supported the Afghan and Australian forces by conducting multiple strafing runs with a 30mm cannon.

After approximately three hours the Australian and Afghan patrol broke contact from the insurgents and moved back to their vehicle drop-off location.

Australian and Afghan soldiers inflicted heavy casualties on the insurgent force with a large number of insurgents known to have been killed.