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Defence News 2012
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21 December: Celebrating Christmas on deployment
20 December: Defence sets blood donation record
20 December: ANZAC spirit comes to the Turkish Navy
20 December: Afghan National Security Forces step up to new role
19 December: Australian support to Fiji and Samoa
17 December: Afghan artillery school producing results
13 December: Super Hornet achieves Final Operational Capability
13 December: Visa policy for at-risk Afghan employees
12 December: Projects of Concern list updated
12 December: Reviews of Australian submarines released
11 December: HMAS Anzac’s Seahawk ‘Sentinel’ reaches flying milestone
11 December: HMAS Wewak decommissioned
11 December: Afghan National Army leads its first explosive hazard reductions course
10 December: Afghan Army builds on capacity
10 December: Australian health specialists strengthening Afghanistan
07 December: The ASLAV finishes its tour of duty in Afghanistan
06 December: Transfer of Authority ends mentoring in Uruzgan
04 December: Developing camouflage that changes with its environment
04 December: Keighran VC presents Victoria Cross to Memorial
03 December: Bright future as handover begins
30 November: C-130H Hercules retired from service
26 November: Govt responds to review into allegations of abuse in Defence
22 November: Cache successes for Afghans and 3RAR TG in Deh Rawud
22 November: HMAS Anzac on patrol in the Middle East
21 November: Honour for Chief of Navy
20 November: Indonesian military honour for Australian Defence Force Chief
20 November: RAAF Wedgetail achieves operational capability standard
14 November: Trainees graduate from Defence Indigenous Development Program
13 November: US leader visits ADF in Darwin
12 November: Relic of 2010 helicopter crash presented to Australian War Memorial
12 November: Sacrifice remembered
09 November: Sacrifice remembered
09 November: ADF welcomes Royal visitors to Sydney
08 November: Corporal Scott James Smith farewelled
05 November: Navy frigate conducts helicopter medical evacuation from cruise ship
01 November: Australian soldier honoured with Victoria Cross
29 October: Fallen Combat Engineer returns home
25 October: World War II veterans visit ADF troops in Middle East
23 October: Details of fallen soldier
23 October: Royal Australian Navy: International Fleet Review
22 October: Australian Special Operations soldier killed in action
19 October: Australia assumes leadership role in Afghanistan
17 October: First LHD hull delivered to Australia
16 October: Musical personnel entertain troops in Afghanistan
15 October: Prime Minister visits Tarin Kot
15 October: HMAS Sydney participates in Japan's Fleet Review
11 October: Death of soldier injured in vehicle accident
09 October: Defence leaders visit troops in Afghanistan
09 October: Hosting a growling capability
05 October: New Australian Commander in the Middle East
28 September: Sydney sets sail for the Rising Sun
21 September: Australians awarded Timor-Leste Solidarity Medal
19 September: Sapper James Martin farewelled in Perth
18 September: Farewell to Lance Corporal Mervyn McDonald
13 September: Country soldier’s final journey home
13 September: Army’s blood donation drive begins
13 September: Ready to help mates in need
13 September: Navy donating to help others
13 September: Air Force lends support to Red Cross
13 September: Navys strategy to boost blood supply
13 September: Message from Chief of Air Force Air Marshall Geoff Brown
13 September: Air Force members courage for a worthwhile cause
12 September: Fallen soldiers farewelled
12 September: Australia ready to lead ISAF team in Uruzgan
11 September: Honouring the fallen
11 September: Australian Cricket Team visits ADF personnel in the Middle East
05 September: Fallen soldiers return home
02 September: Five Australian soldiers farewelled from Tarin Kot
31 August: Personal details of soldiers killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash
31 August: Five Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan
28 August: Australia's Giraffes arrive
28 August: Two brave best friends will be missed
28 August: Special ops hand over - Latest rotation returns to Australia
23 August: Defence acquires Growler electronic attack capability
22 August: HMAS Melbourne completes third tour of duty
22 August: Review into Treatment of Women in ADF released
21 August: Last major exercise for C-130H Hercules
21 August: Catering personnel meet challenge
16 August: MasterChef thanks Navy heroes
15 August: Counter-terrorism training conducted in Melbourne
10 August: Close Air Support in Ex Pitch Black
10 August: Air Force tanker conducts its first multi-national exercise
09 August: Defence supports Red Cross in blood challenge
08 August: RIMPAC yields flight milestone
07 August: Navy clearance divers clear the way
07 August: Praise for HMAS Darwin
07 August: Live fire exercise at Kabul Military Training Centre
02 August: Navy chefs provide international flavour on RIMPAC 2012
02 August: HMAS Darwin boards ‘suspect’ vessel off Hawaiian Islands
31 July: HMAS Melbourne completes Middle East deployment
31 July: Exercise tests upgraded missile defence system
31 July: United States navy personnel visit HMAS Perth
27 July: Exercise Pitch Black 12 begins
26 July: Army dental technician changing lives in Vietnam
26 July: Vietnamese communities benefit from veterinary assistance
26 July: HMAS Perth resupplied at sea
26 July: Multinational forum builds security cooperation
25 July: Australian Navy explores alternative fuel use with United States
25 July: Navy men from Yemen sail with HMAS Melbourne to boost maritime safety
25 July: Burns surgery for Vietnamese children
25 July: HMAS Farncomb celebrates successful sinking at RIMPAC
24 July: French Navy joins HMAS Melbourne in the Red Sea
19 July: Establishment of the Australian Operational Service Medal
18 July: Ageless Medicine
18 July: 205th Corps Afghan National Army takes security lead in southern Afghanistan
18 July: HMAS Farncomb relishes RIMPAC 12
17 July: Darwin joins multinational task group
16 July: Wedgetail flies in for RIMPAC 12
16 July: RIMPAC Commander visits Australian personnel
14 July: Farewell to Sergeant Blaine Diddams, Special Air Service Regiment
12 July: Afghan National Police learn counter explosive skills
12 July: Mentoring mission changes hands in Afghanistan
11 July: Local flexibility yields success in PNG logistics
10 July: SGT Blaine Diddams returns home to Australia
06 July: US commends Australian partners
06 July: Australian forces join multilateral exercise - RIMPAC 12
06 July: Second amphibious ship landing helicopter dock launched
06 July: Sergeant Diddams farewelled from Tarin Kot
05 July: Defence honours service of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
03 July: Bomber Command commemorative mission completed
03 July: Australian soldier killed in Chorah Valley
02 July: Navy’s newest ship arrives
29 June: Memorial honours Bomber Command service
28 June: Veterans visit Lancaster bomber
28 June: Military working dogs on show
27 June: Emotional visit to Air Forces memorial
26 June: New patrol base opens in Afghanistan
25 June: Mission party departs for Bomber Command commemorations
22 June: Federation Guard supports Bomber Command commemorations
22 June: Defence Secretary in CEO Sleepout
19 June: Dental duo brings smiles to island community
18 June: Engineers work to improve medical facilities
18 June: HMAS Ballarat joins US Navy for exercise
14 June: 3RAR Task Group supports patrols in Chora Valley
14 June: Life-saving work during exercise
12 June: Success in the Char Chineh Valley
12 June: Emergency work island-style
12 June: Honours for Defence personnel
08 June: Afghan and Australian Forces find massive weapon cache
06 June: ANA establishes vehicle check points in Uruzgan
06 June: ADF to support Papua New Guinea elections
01 June: Navy frigate arrives in Japan for maritime exercises
31 May: New team in border protection
31 May: Leaders visit personnel in Timor Leste
31 May: Australia to lead Combined Team – Uruzgan
31 May: Heron aircraft reach Afghanistan milestone
31 May: ADF members arrive for Pacific mission
23 May: Personnel deploy for humanitarian exercise
22 May: Training to enhance future development
21 May: Bible carried through five generations of family's service
16 May: Safe in the Tangi
16 May: Joint patrol boat exercise completed
14 May: Canadians share equality experiences
10 May: Multi-national exercise completed
08 May: Skills tested in Duke of Gloucester Cup
07 May: ADF success in military skills competition
04 May: ANA leads weapons cache find
04 May: ANA troops victorious in training exercise
03 May: Afghan locals complete trades skills training
02 May: Joint exercise to enhance regional security
01 May: Australian medics mentor Afghan counterparts
01 May: Medals presented for work in South Sudan
30 April: Royal Australian Navy hands over command of Combined Task Force 150
27 April: Joint operation targets illegal fishing
26 April: HMAS Melbourne conducts flag verification in Middle East
24 April: ADF personnel commemorate Anzac Day
24 April: Bible saved life during Gallipoli campaign
23 April: Federation Guard honour fallen ahead of Anzac Day
23 April: Children send messages to troops for Anzac Day
20 April: World War Two Spitfire pilot laid to rest
19 April: Forward mess keeps the troops on track
18 April: Mentors prepare Afghan troops for the future
13 April: New Deputy in the Middle East
12 April: Mentoring building independence in Afghanistan
04 April: United States Marine Corps personnel welcomed to Darwin
02 April: HMAS Parramatta returns from Middle East
02 April: Entertainers visit Defence Forces in Middle East
20 March: HMAS Choules passes first capability test
15 March: Artillery advisors complete Afghanistan rotation
13 March: HMAS Parramatta hands over Middle East duties to HMAS Melbourne
13 March: Defence forces helping Wagga clean up after floods
08 March: PM meets Defence members supporting flood relief
28 February: HMAS Perth veterans gather to remember sacrifice
24 February: Senior leadership visits Middle East
23 February: ADF members Support Pink Stumps Day
23 February: Troops volunteer for blood screening in Afghanistan
17 February: Navy dentist sinks teeth into Air Force dog surgery
16 February: RAAF joins US and Japan in training exercise
15 February: HMAS Parramatta seizes illegal narcotics
02 February: New recruitment campaign for Army Reserve
30 January: Progress report on Force Posture Review released
25 January: Snowy Australia Day for troops in Afghanistan
24 January: Ambassadors visit troops in Afghanistan
24 January: Afghan Artillery completes milestone exercise
19 January: Local information leads to discovery of weapons cache
18 January: Australian troops honoured by Timor Leste Government
18 January: New Commander in the Middle East
13 January: Army's trade opportunities showcased in Canberra
11 January: Crime lab techniques counter explosives threat