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Defence Census
putting the people into our planning

Defence Census

The next Defence Census will be held in April 2019. This is to be the eighth census conducted by Defence since 1991 and will attempt to capture the demographic profile of the entire Defence workforce of around 100 000 people. That workforce comprises the permanent and reserve components of the ADF and the Defence APS. The data from Defence Censuses is used extensively by ADF and Departmental staff involved in developing personnel financial and non-financial conditions of service and family support policies and programs. Also, the data has been made available to, and used by, external agencies such as the Defence Housing Authority and academic institutions involved in Defence and social research. Census data is also regularly used for briefing Ministers, Parliamentary Committees and other elements of Government involved with Defence issues.

Defence Census Public Reports

For Further Information

Further information on the Defence Census can be obtained from:

The Manager Defence Census
Directorate of People Intelligence and Research
Brindabella Park
PO Box 7927

Phone: (02) 612 72185