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Inquiry FAQ

  1. Why does the Australian Defence Force hold inquiries?

  2. What types of administrative inquiries does the ADF conduct?

  3. How are these inquiries different from proceedings involving courts of law, the Coroner, Comcare or the civilian police?

  4. What are the guiding principles and characteristics of Commissions of Inquiry?

  5. Are Commissions of Inquiry open or closed inquiries?

  6. How are Commission of Inquiry members selected?

  7. What is the role of Counsel Assisting?

  8. What is the role of Counsel Representing?

  9. What do witnesses do at a Commission of Inquiry?

  10. Why are identifies and other personal information protected?

  11. What happens after the Commission of Inquiry hearings are finished?

  12. Will the Commission of Inquiry apportion blame?

  13. Will the Commission of Inquiry report be released?

  14. Where can I find more information?