Maritime Systems Division

Capability Acquisition and Sustainment

Maritime Systems Division

Maritime Systems Division (MSD) provides through-life support services to Navy and Army maritime capability for Australian ships. Its work involves supporting capabilities like state-of-the-art missiles and torpedos and supplying fuels and prescribed common items to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

The Division is responsible to the Service Chiefs and Vice Chief of the Defence Force for delivery of acquisition outcomes.

The Division manages large projects including:

Amphibious Deployment and Sustainment

Doing business with MSD:

MSD’s overall sustainment concept is to support maritime capability through cost effective materiel design, maintenance engineering and logistic support to platforms, equipment and systems. Those wanting to do business with Defence should contact their nearest Business Access Office for more information on how best work with Defence.

A number of Systems Program Offices (SPOs) provide these services. They are collocated regionally with Navy forces and are grouped by ship classes. The SPOs manage the delivery of goods and services through a variety of outsourced, increasingly performance based commercial contracts.

MSD is divided into the following branches:

Major Surface Ships

This branch is responsible for the acquisition, upgrade and sustainment of major surface combatants (Anzac and Adelaide Class Frigates), amphibious (HMAS Tobruk) and support ships (HMAS Success, HMAS Sirius and Ocean Shield), and maritime ranges. The branch is also responsible for emerging MSD projects,  the development of the Garden Island precinct and the development of sustainment contracts that support Strategic Reform and the Rizzo recommendations.

Specialist Ship

This branch is responsible for acquiring and sustaining the materiel capability of all specialist ships, specifically Armidale Class and Pacific Patrol Boats, Landing Heavy Craft, Hydrographic Ships and Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving Systems, to enable Navy to meet operational requirements.

Maritime Support

This branch is responsible for providing logistics services including inventory management, engineering oversight and advice, divisional safety management, supplier quality assurance, minor capital equipment projects and associated information technology system support for Royal Australian Navy ships and establishments. It also provides fuel and allied products to the ADF.

The Maritime Cross-Platform Systems Program Office (MCPSPO) is the primary logistics services provider within MSD. MCPSPO provides a wide range of engineering and logistics goods and services in support of Maritime In-Service Capability. MCPSPO undertakes sophisticated requirements determination, engineering support, and supplier engagement, to buy and repair agreed inventory baseline items to meet predicted customer preparedness requirements.

Want to work in this space?

Engineering and Project Management opportunities exist in MSD that provide critical support to high-tech Navy and Army ships, aircraft and equipment.

Current Division Projects