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RAAF Base Townsville


RAAF Base Townsville works closely with Townsville Airport.

Townsville Airport has established a local Community Aviation Consultation Group to help facilitate greater community consultation, particularly on planning and development activities on the airport.

Finalisation of RAAF Base Townsville 2036 ANEF
In the consultation period in 2015, the Department of Defence has recently completed the Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) for RAAF Base Townsville for the year 2036.

ANEFs provide a forecast of aircraft noise in a future year and are used by councils to guide land planning. The new ANEF updates the current 2030 forecast to the year 2036, incorporating both military and civil aircraft.
The forecast changes in 2036 are:

  • A reduction in C-27J Spartan flights;
  • An increase in MRH-90 and Chinook helicopter takeoffs and landings, however there will be less circuit training flights; resulting in an overall effect of no changes to total movements;
  • An increase in C-130J Hercules (or replacement) flights; and
  • An increase in C-17A Globemaster flights.

There will be no change to fighter (fast jet) aircraft, including the Hawk 127 and the F-35A (Joint Strike Fighter) or major exercises. The current mix of day and night flying is expected to remain very similar.

When these changes were modelled using specialist ANEF software, it resulted in an overall reduction in ANEF contours. However, there will be a slight expansion of contours to the south of the base in Mt Louisa and Mt St John.

Defence is committed to providing honest and accurate information about aircraft noise. The ANEF is one of the tools used by Defence to share aircraft noise information.

The 2036 ANEF is available on the forecasts page.

The RAAF Base Townsville ANEF will form part of the Townsville Airport Master Plan.