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Defence Establishment Fairbairn

Defence Establishment Fairbairn

Noise Forecast

Canberra Airport is responsible for preparing forecasts under the Airports Act (1996)

Information about N contours, a representation of aircraft frequency (how often) and noise level, are available on the Canberra Airport noise webpage.

Residents can also consider the Australian Noise Exposure Forecast ANEF map for Canberra Airport.

ANEF maps provide a forecast of noise for a future year, made by both civilian and military aircraft for that location. They do not show every flight and homeowners with properties outside of the ANEF map zones may still experience aircraft noise.

Airservices Australia has a Noise and Flight Path Monitoring System for Canberra Airport at Jerrabomberra. The pattern of aircraft flight tracks described by this system is published quarterly on the Airservices Australia website.