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RAAF Base Edinburgh

Noise Mitigation

Air Force has an honest and open approach about the noise experienced by residents living near RAAF Base Edinburgh and the areas where there is low level flying.

Air Force’s Aircraft Noise Management Strategy outlines how Air Force is working with local communities

Air Force commits to undertake flying operations in a manner which is considerate of our local communities, whilst maintaining the safe operation of the aircraft.

the Air Force Fly Neighbourly Policy for minimising aircraft noise. The principles of this policy are:

  • using appropriate runway length for departures to maximise height over local communities;
  • minimising the use of afterburner on fast jets during takeoff and climbing to altitude as quickly as possible;
  • limiting the speed of aircraft over populated areas;
  • minimising flight over residential areas and other noise sensitive buildings such as hospitals and schools;
  • avoiding low flying over populated areas and known noise sensitive areas;
  • minimising flying late at night or early in the morning;
  • conducting aircraft noise awareness in pilot training and familiarisation; and
  • notifying local communities of major exercises or other non-routine training and flying activities such as flying displays.

Flying is minimised late at night, however military aircraft may take off and land at any time.

Where possible, major exercises and training activities will also be highlighted on the Air Force webpage.