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East Sale

RAAF Base East Sale

Noise Mitigation

Air Force has an honest and open approach about the noise experienced by residents living near RAAF Base East Sale.

Although some training is conducted using flying simulators, nothing replaces actual experience for our pilots and crews. When flying, Air Force pilots and crew operate the aircraft in a way that minimises aircraft noise over the Sale township residential areas and Wellington Shire communities, while maintaining operational capability.

There are a number of ways in which Air Force reduces the effects of noise from military aircraft over the Sale township and Wellington Shire. These include limiting the speed of aircraft in populated areas, minimising flying over residential areas and other noise sensitive buildings such as hospitals and schools and climbing to altitude as quickly as possible when departing RAAF Base East Sale. The majority of the flying training areas are situated over farming and rural areas which helps reduce the time aircraft spend over residential areas.

Flying at RAAF Base East Sale is minimised late at night or early in the morning. Typical flying hours at East Sale would range between 9:00am in the morning through to 5:00pm in the afternoon. However, from time to time, other Australian Defence Force flying units may temporarily operate from East Sale outside of the normal local flying hours including weekends, public holidays and night flying.

Night flying

Three to four times a year Central Flying School will conduct night flying training. Each period of night flying training lasts about three or four days. These operations, depending on the time of year, could last until 11:30pm. 32 Squadron conduct School of Air Warfare night training exercises on a regular basis, but typically, these sorties would depart East Sales airspace and return two to three hours later.

Weekend flying

From time to time, pilots will need to fly on weekends. The Roulettes occasionally depart and return on weekends from flying displays conducted around various locations in Australia.

Where possible, Air Force will advise the Sale and Wellington community of non-routine flying. However, there will be times when this isn't possible due to changes in weather conditions or operational requirements. You can view Air Forces non-routine flying on this page.

Find out more about making an enquiry or complaint about military aircraft noise.