The Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) is located within the Department of Defence and is the central agency for the processing, evaluating and granting of security clearances for the Commonwealth. The AGSVA conducts clearances for the majority of Government under a fee-for-service model.

A security clearance process is conducted to ensure that an individual is both eligible and suitable to be granted, as well as maintain, a security clearance. A clearance is basically an inquiry into and corroboration of a person’s background, character and personal values. AGSVA will make the decision about granting a security clearance in accordance with the standards identified in the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework.

All clearances granted by AGSVA are portable across all agencies (excluding exempt agencies). This single, consistent approval has improved the clearance process by:

  • providing one clearance that is effective across government;
  • removing inconsistencies between previous clearance processes; and
  • increasing the efficiency for all parties.

In submitting an application to AGSVA for a security clearance both the agency and applicant agree that they will abide by AGSVA policies, including the AGSVA Service Charter and the Standard Provision of Services.

The AGSVA Customer Service Charter can be downloaded here.


Attention security officers: Below is a list of all relevant security clearance forms and where they can be accessed. Please note that currently some are available here from the website, while others are available from the Security Officer Dashboard.

 AGSVA is undertaking system updates to the Security Officer Dashboard to make it a one-stop-shop for security officers for all your vetting needs.

 In line with this, when the system updates are completed, all forms, excluding the SVA 016 which is used to request access to the Security Officer Dashboard, will be available exclusively from the Security Officer Dashboard.

 If you are a security officer requiring access to the Security Officer Dashboard, please complete an SVA 016 request form and submit it to the AGSVA.



SVA 001 - Through Security Officer Dashboard

SVA 002 - Through Security Officer Dashboard

WordSVA 003 Change of Circumstances Notification

SVA 004 Change of Circumstances Report - Through Security Officer Dashboard

WordSVA 006 Change of Specified Personnel & DOSD Access Request Form

SVA 007 Declaration of Secrecy on Cessation of Duties - Through Security Officer Dashboard

WordSVA 008 Notification of Limited Higher Access to Resources Classified to Secret

WordSVA 009 Notification ofLimited Higher Access to Resources Classified at Top Secret

WordSVA 010 Request for Provisional Access

WordSVA 011 Notification of Emergency Access to Resources Classified at Secret Level or Below

WordSVA 012 Notification Emergency Access to Resources Classified at Top Secret

WordSVA 013 Eligibility Waiver Notification

SVA 015 Cessation of Existing Security Clearance and
Cancellation of Security Clearance - Through Security Officer Dashboard

WordSVA 016 Request for Security Officer Dashboard Access

WordAGSVA Information & Documentation Guide - Baseline

WordAGSVA Information & Documentation Guide - NV1

WordAGSVA Information & Documentation Guide - NV2

WordAGSVA Information & Documentation Guide - PV

WordAGSVA Information ePack Guideline for Clearance Subjects

WordAGSVA Information - Security Aftercare