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The Defence website is currently undergoing a redevelopment and upgrade.

As a result some sites, pages and content may have moved or have been archived.

We encourage you to take a look at the address changes below and update your bookmarks if you have them.

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Address changes

Site address changes
badges_of_rank.cfm /Badges
/Capability /CDG
/Footer/Copyright.htm /Copyright.asp
/Footer/Disclaimer.htm /Disclaimer.asp
/Footer/Privacy.htm /Privacy.asp
/Footer/Contacts.htm /Contacts
/Footer/Accessibility.htm /Accessibility.asp
/Header/Factsheets.htm /FactSheets
/Header/business.htm /Directory/Default.asp#Business
/Header/external_links.htm Removed. Use Google.
/Header/careers.htm /Jobs & People
/Header/publications.htm /Publications
/opEx/Exercises /Exercises/
/ISGroup /ISG
/People /JobsPeople
/People/Families.htm /JobsPeople
/People/Message_To_Troops.htm /MessageToTroops
/on_the_record   /OnTheRecord
/opEx /Operations/
/opEx/Exercises /Exercises/
/our_people /OurPeople
/COI /Publications/COI
/RODUM_Review    /Publications/Reviews/Rodum
/sea_king_boi /Publications/SeaKingBOI
/OSCDF/Secretary /Secretary
/Social /SocialMedia
/dsg/organisation/OAT/ /OAT

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