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Australian Defence College

Peace Operations Training Centre

ADF POTC Seminar Series

The ADF Peace Operations Training Centre runs an annual seminar series. The seminars are conducted using academic presentations and include plenary discussions and small group activities.

Participants can access seminar materials, including the joining instruction, event handbook and seminar program, through the Australian Defence Educational Learning Environment (ADELE).

Peace Operations Seminar
Next Course Dates: 19-23 March 2018

The Peace Operations Seminar aims to familiarise selected personnel from within the ADF, Department of Defence, other government and non-government agencies, as well as civilian and military personnel from regional nations, with the factors affecting participation in complex and multi-dimensional United Nations and coalition peace operations. Previous seminars have covered a range of topics including the fundamentals of UN peacekeeping operations, protection of civilians and women, peace and security.

Humanitarian Operations Seminar
Next Course Dates: 13-17 August 2018

The Humanitarian Operations Seminar aims primarily to help all actors in Humanitarian and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations understand the differing roles and languages used by the institutions involved, understand the way the Australian government’s response complements the actions of regional partner governments and civil society, and the crucial role of the host nation in the event of a rapid onset or complex emergency.

Military Gender and Protection Workshop

The Military Gender and Protection Seminar aims to familiarise participants with the UN mission cross-cutting themes of Women, Peace and Security, Protection of Civilians, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Children in Armed Conflict. The seminar examines the roles and responsibilities of military, police and civilian components in relation to these themes, and explores current challenges in these areas.

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

The seminars are open to personnel from the ADF, Department of Defence and other government and non-government agencies, as well as civilians and military personnel from other nations, and are aimed at personnel generally within the military rank range of Captain to Colonel (O3 – O6), as well as their police and civilian equivalents.

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