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Australian Defence College

Peace Operations Training Centre

ADF United Nations Pre-Deployment Training

Next Course Dates: 09 February – 01 March 2019

Course Nomination [PDF]

The ADF UN PDT is delivered by the ADF Peace Operations Training Centre several times a year at our facility in Canberra.

The cutting-edge training we provide our students has enabled POTC to become a world-recognised leader in peacekeeping training. We leverage our unique position to form partnerships with like-minded facilities around the world to develop instructor and student exchanges in order to ensure that we have access to the most contemporary policies, procedures and best practices with regard to the training related to peacekeeping operations.

This three-week course delivers the accredited UN Core Pre-deployment Training Materials (CPTMs), as well as the Standardised Training Materials for either the Military Expert on Mission or UN Military Staff Officer.

The course utilises the Australian Defence Educational Learning Environment (ADELE). When in the ADELE site, users may access various resources including the joining instructions, handbooks, course program and other materials.

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

This course is specific to members deploying on a UN mission, and is limited to selected Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers of any service, Police and government civilians as well as military officers from all UN countries.

UN Military Expert on Mission Training

The United Nations Military Expert on Mission (UN MEOM) course is UN certified and is a pre-requisite for deployment as an Australian on UN missions around the globe as Personnel categorised as UN Military Observers (UNMO), UN Military Liaison Officers (MLO) or UN Military Advisors (MILAD).

The training includes two weeks of classroom study in Canberra and a week of field training at the Majura Field Training Area just north of Canberra.

The aim of the MEoM training is to prepare selected international and Australian personnel for service as Military Experts on Mission within multi-national or UN peace operations. It is also recommend for Australian Federal Police or government civilians who will serve within a UN field environment.

UN Military Staff Officer Training

UN SO training is a pre-deployment requirement for all ADF members selected to deploy on a UN Mission as a military staff officer, or within an Australian HQ supporting a UN Mission.

The United Nations Military Staff Officer training includes three weeks of classroom training and concludes with a staff exercise.

The aim of UN SO training is to prepare selected Australian and international military officers and SNCOs for service as staff officers within a UN or multi-national peace operations headquarters in accordance with UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations requirements. It is also recommend for Australian Federal Police or civilians who will serve within a UN or mission headquarters environment

Training Overview

The UN Military Staff Officer and Military expert on Mission Course content is based on the UN and ADF requirements, and is delivered in a facilitated learning environment. The course content includes:

  • Organisational structure of a UN multi-national peacekeeping operation and mandate creation;
  • Interaction with UN administration and comprehend the Office of Mission Support;
  • Cultural understanding within your team and local environment;
  • Monitor parties involved in the conflict and reporting violations of the mission mandate;
  • Perform or plan disarmament demobilization and reintegration activities;
  • Report observations obtained from the mission area at the tactical and operational level;
  • Communicate using UN procedures including preparing written reports conduct briefings;
  • Conduct formal and informal negotiations, mediation and use a UN language assistants;
  • Conduct of meetings and planning groups in a culturally diverse work environment;
  • Planning or conduct of UN inspections and investigations;
  • Field skills including land navigation, vehicle and foot patrol route planning, convoy orders;
  • Understand Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) and International Humanitarian Law, and relevant UNSCR interaction to UN Peacekeeping operations;
  • Planning reactions to and dealing with mass human rights violations, and crisis management;
  • Communicate with the media, interact with the local national population, NGOs, IGOs and UN Peace Partners and assist mission;
  • Techniques and Procedures for operating in a mined environment;
  • Leadership in a UN multi-national peacekeeping team; Planning and management of UN resources;
  • Perform first aid and UN Casualty Evacuation, maintain health and hygiene;
  • Understand preventative measure to avoid hostage/hijack situations and employ skills to survive a hostage situation.

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