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Australian Defence College

Peace Operations Training Centre

Garuda Kookaburra

GARUDA KOOKABURRA is an Australia and Indonesian bi-lateral sponsored activity, hosted by Indonesia and conducted biennially. The aim of the exercise is to conduct a joint/combined training activity, through seminar and syndicate work in order to improve understanding of the operational planning considerations for participating in complex and multi-dimensional United Nations peackeeping operations. Participants will gain a better understanding of the complexity of coordinating and conducting multifaceted UN Peacekeeping Operations, in order to enhance mutual understanding of the political, civilian, humanitarian and military components within such operations.

The objectives of GARUDA KOOKABURRA are to:

  • develop mutual understanding of Indonesia and Australian considerations for the contribution of peacekeepers on UN peacekeeping operations
  • contribute to an understanding of the structure and function of a UN peacekeeping operation, including integrated operations
  • contribute to an understanding of the factors involved in coducting peace operations (UN and regional), including the roles of international and Government / non-Government organisations
  • promote networking interoperability and capacity within Indonesia and Australia in relation to training for and conducting peace operations
  • enhance bilateral relationships, focussing on specific activity themes, such as;
    • communication and negotiation
    • stress management
    • cultural awareness
    • protection of civilians and
    • UN civil/military cooperations (UN CIMIC).

GK is a Blended Learning activity utilising the Australian Defence Educational Learning Environment (ADELE). When in the ADELE GK site, users may access various resources including the Joining Instruction, Event Handbook, Daily Program and other materials.

The next GARUDA KOOKABURRA will conducted 21-30 October 2019.

Enquiries regarding GK are to be directed to