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Australian Defence College

Peace Operations Training Centre

Peace Operations E-Learning

The ADF Peace Operations Training Centre is committed to providing relevant, up-to-date and accessible training for all students who train with us - domestic or international. We employ a range of online training platforms and learning environments, and promote an ADF POTC alumni network to grow the peace operations community of practice.


The Peace Operations Training Institute

ThePeace Operations Training Institute (POTI) provides globally accessible and affordable self-paced, online, on-demand courses on peace support, humanitarian relief, and security operations. The Institute is committed to bringing essential, practical knowledge to military personnel, police, and civilians working towards peace worldwide. Domestic and international students of ADF POTC - as well as interested personnel across the entire ADF - can access the Institute's 29 UN endorsed interactive multimedia courses, to ready for deployment, refresh existing knowledge or prepare for the next step in their career.

The Australian Defence Education Learning Environment

The Australian Defence Education Learning Environment (ADELE)is the nexus that brings our students, facilitators and guest lecturers together. ADELE is the online hub for much of the material utilised for ADF POTC's courses and seminars: presentations, background reading information, student discussion, and real-time feedback. ADELE creates a student and facilitator network for each training activity, with contact details to foster ongoing discussion, peer-to-peer learning and friendship. ADELE allows for ADF and international students to operate in the same online environment, access the same materials, and work collaboratively together – during and after training.

Find us on Facebook

ADF POTC's Facebook page celebrates Australia's role in peace operations and training, the role of our global partners, and the most important contributor to success in multinational missions - friendship and understanding across services, borders and cultures. Like our page to stay up-to-date with upcoming courses, stay in touch with classmates, and keep informed about issues affecting military, police and civilian actors collaborating to work for peace.