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Australian Defence College

Peace Operations Training Centre

About the Centre

The ADF POTC exists to serve Defence, government organisations and international defence forces through the provision of peace operations training, education, engagement and advice

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) Peace Operations Training Centre (POTC) traces its origins back to 1992 when the Australian Department of Defence acknowledged the increasing complexity of peace operations and identified a need to provide additional doctrine and training. Consequently, on 25 January 1993, the ADF Peace Operations Training Centre was established as part of the Australian Defence Force Warfare Centre (ADFWC), and was subsequently incorporated into the Australian Command and Staff College.

The Centre is a joint, inter-agency, and multinational training establishment located in Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) campus and forms part of the Australian Defence College. Since 1993 the Centre has constantly evolved to keep pace with changing peace operations training requirements and international engagement demands.

We value our domestic and international partnerships with civil, military and police organisations. Our centre caters for not only ADF personnel, but also civilians, international students and training centres, and other stakeholders, to enhance global peace operations.

The majority of personnel who receive training at the Peace Operations Training Centre are Australian military preparing to deploy on operations. However, a large percentage of our students are foreign military and a growing number of students are civilians from other government departments.

The ADF POTC staff of approximately 70 include military and civilian instructors and training coordination personnel who possess a broad range of operational, technical and academic expertise. The Centre is a recognised United Nations training provider, and delivers the following UN accredited courses:

  • UN Military Expert on Mission; and
  • UN Military Staff Officer.

The centre also delivers the following training and education events:

  • ADF POTC Annual Seminar Series;
  • Bilateral regional exercises with Indonesia and Thailand;
  • International Mobile Training Teams; and
  • International instructor exchanges.

ADF POTC represents Defence in the following International peacekeeping training bodies:

  • Association of Asia-Pacific Peacekeeping Training centres (AAPTC)
  • International Association of Peacekeeping training Centres (IAPTC)
  • Asia-Pacific Peacekeeping Capability Building Technical Working Group.


ADF Peace Operations Training Centre
Australian Defence College
Department of Defence
PO Box 7917

Commanding Officer ADF POTC

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Conroy

LTCOL Peter Conroy is the Commanding Officer, Australian Defence Force Peace Operations Training Centre.