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Where is Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)?

UXO can be found in most states within Australia. The following links will take you to an interactive map that will allow you to search the locations of known areas of concern.

Disclaimer: Data supplied on this site is based on Defence's assessment of information obtained from a variety of sources. It does not reflect any UXO remediation conducted on behalf of any person or organisation other than Defence. State, Territory or Local Government land management authorities should be contacted if such information is required. While all reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the information recorded on the site is accurate, complete and up to date there may be limitations to the sources available to Defence and the information may be subject to change. It should not be relied upon without additional checks. If you wish to verify whether your specific parcel of land might be affected by UXO, you should contact your State, Territory or Local Government planning or land management authority to obtain their confirmation regarding whether or not your land has received a Defence category assessment.