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The Strategic Reform Program
Welcome to the Strategic Reform Program website. Here you'll find information about the Department of Defence’s Strategic Reform Program (SRP), its objectives and information about some of its key reform initiatives.
This site will be updated over the coming weeks as more information becomes available.

The SRP is a decade long campaign of reform which will allow Defence to improve the way it does business and create a more muscular, hard-hitting force – Force 2030 – to support Australia’s security in the future. 

The SRP is about the future of Defence and it is about making changes now. It allows Defence to reduce costs by making changes to the way it does things. It requires Defence to eliminate waste and become more cost conscious in its decision making. It allows Defence to reinvest resources back into Defence to build the organisation Australia needs now and in the future.
If Defence does not achieve the reforms set out in the SRP, and the $20 billion in cost-reductions, it will not deliver the organisation that can deliver and sustain Force 2030.

The Strategic Reform Program - Making it happen [PDF-1.05 MB]
SRP Booklet – Delivering Force 2030
Media Release