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Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

Strategic Policy Division

Strategic Policy Division is part of the Strategic Policy and Intelligence (SP&I) Group and develops policy, military strategy and strategic planning and advice for Government, senior Defence leaders and other government agencies on the strategic implications of defence and national security matters.

The Division supports the Deputy Secretary SP&I in producing Defence White Papers that set out the Government view of Australia's strategic environment and the defence posture, capability and enterprise settings that respond to that.

Strategic guidance from the division shapes decisions and plans for major capabilities, operational concepts and military activities. The division administers defence reporting controls and is implementing the review of the Woomera Prohibited Area.

The division leads the development of key defence planning and policy documents including the Defence White Paper, Strategy Framework and Defence Planning Guidance. The division also develops the Defence Corporate Plan and Defence Annual Plan that outline how Defence will implement and resource Government's long-term strategic direction, and facilitates monitoring and reporting against these.

The Division is part of connecting Defence to broader foreign and national security policy direction and this includes Defence's involvement in policy on space, cyber and missile defence, strategic education and engagement with think tanks.

The Division comprises four branches; Strategic Policy Branch, Military Strategy Branch, Arms Control Branch and Intelligence Policy Integration Branch.