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Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

International Policy Division

International Policy Division provides strategic level policy advice to Government on the central issues of Australia's Defence policy, including international Defence relations and ADF operations.

Overseas Posts

The role of International Policy (IP) Division is to:

  • Provide advice to the Minister, Secretary and the CDF, the Services and Defence Groups on international policy issues;
  • Manage Defence's international relationships and the Defence Cooperation Program;
  • Provide policy guidance for ADF operations and international defence activities; and
  • Manage Defence representation overseas.

The Division includes four Branches and three Directorates:

  • South-East Asia Branch
  • Global Interest Branch
  • Major Powers Branch
  • Pacific and Timor-Lesté Branch
  • Directorate of Attaché and Overseas Management
  • Directorate of Protocol and Visits
  • Defence Cooperation Liaison Office
  • In addition, the Division manages Australia's Overseas Defence Attachés and Advisers who between them are accredited to over 50 countries and International Organisations.