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Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

Contestability Division

Who we are

We are a diverse Division with a range of highly skilled and experienced APS, military and contracted personnel that are dedicated to meeting the First Principles Review recommendation to provide ‘a strong and credible internal contestability function...with responsibility for strategic contestability, scope, technical and cost contestability’.

We are structured into three branches, each responsible for contesting capability proposals being progressed within assigned Capability Streams throughout the entire Capability Life Cycle (CLC). The key functions of Force Design Contestability, Business and Standards and Strategic Cost Analysis are delivered to all branches by separate directorates, allocated to the three branches for administration. We are continuing to grow over the next two years and are actively recruiting for high quality, motivated staff.

What we do

  • Develop coherent and intellectually honest Defence advice to Government to support informed investment decisions
  • Provide critical but constructive decision support across the CLC

How we do it

Contestability is a decision support function not a decision making function. Contestability Division will contest programs and projects across the CLC, including ICT and Estate and Infrastructure programs and projects.

The level of contestability undertaken on a program or project will be proportional based on the assessed risk of the program or project. Contestability Division has four levels of contestability which directs the level of resources applied to each program or project.

The Division is particularly focused on being critical and constructive, engaging early with Defence and other stakeholders and the central agencies, and respecting the capacity, competence and professionalism of colleagues.