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Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

Defence Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

SP&I Group provides strategic advice, policy and intelligence to enable defence capability and national security priorities and supports strengthened decision-making in Defence.

The group includes the department’s policy, intelligence and capability contestability functions to improve the quality of Defence policy advice and ensure it is aligned with strategy, plans and resource allocations.

SP&I is one of only two groups in Defence that has accountabilities against all three purposes within the Defence mission and the group has one of the broadest portfolios of responsibilities of any group in Defence today.

SP&I Group is led by the Deputy Secretary Strategic Policy and Intelligence, Ms Rebecca Skinner, and comprises four divisions, a taskforce and two intelligence agencies within the Australian Government Department of Defence.

Contestability Division

Defence has developed an evolved contestability function, which provides clear, accurate and timely advice to support decision-making associated with capability investment proposals being presented to Government to support achievement of its Defence strategy.

Defence Industry Policy Division

Defence Industry Policy Division informs and improves how Defence approaches industry engagement. The division has responsibility for effective implementation of the government's approach to Defence industry policy and creation of a strategy-led program of industry engagement and innovation. The division also manages Australian export controls.

International Policy Division

International Policy Division provides strategic-level policy advice to the Australian Government on the central issues of Australia's defence policy, including international defence relations and ADF operations.

Naval Shipbuilding Taskforce

Defence delivers an agreed Naval Shipbuilding Plan that details the national approach to delivery of affordable and achievable naval capability through an Australian base that is reformed, productive, secure and cost-competitive.

Strategic Policy Division

Strategic Policy Division develops policy, military strategy and strategic planning and advice for the Australian Government, senior Defence leaders and other government agencies on the strategic implications of defence and national security matters.

Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation

Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation provides geospatial intelligence in support of an increasing range of national security interests and Defence requirements. AGO provides a powerful intelligence capability that supports ADF operations, whole-of-government security activities and directly assists Commonwealth and state bodies to respond to crises and national disasters.

Defence Intelligence Organisation

Defence Intelligence Organisation analyses information on global events from a range of sources. It produces timely and accurate intelligence assessments to assist the awareness and decision-making of the Minister for Defence and senior officers in Defence.