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What's new in PACMAN


Summer schools and foreign language training

This determination provides a new summer school for Japan and amends the foreign language training benefit for a member's spouse or partner.

Defence Determination 2019/16, Summer schools and foreign language training, date of effect 13 June 2019.


Compassionate travel and approved clubs

This Determination makes various amendments to compassionate travel provisions and inserts an approved club for Madrid, Spain.

Defence Determination 2019/15, Compassionate travel and approved clubs, date of effect 13 June 2019.

Long service leave

This Determination amends provisions for a member ceasing continuous full-time service who elects to transfer their long service leave credits to a new Commonwealth entity.

Defence Determination 2019/14, Long service leave– amendment, date of effect 11 July 2019.

Public transport costs

This Determination updates the reimbursement amounts for excess public transport costs for members posted overseas.

Defence Determination 2019/13, Public transport and school transport costs – amendment, date of effect 16 May 2019.

Overseas posting conditions

This Determination amends provisions relating to the cost of living adjustment, cost of posting allowance and travel when a member's posting is extended or the member is posted to another overseas location.

Defence Determination 2019/12, Long-term overseas posting conditions – amendment, date of effect 16 May 2019.

Navy Retention Incentive Payment

This Determination provides a payment to select Navy members as a retention incentive.

Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal Determination No. 2 of 2019, Navy Retention Incentive Payment – amendment, date of effect 1 July 2019.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances.

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