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Defence One - Release 1a (R1a)

Defence One is the new human resource (HR) management and payroll system for Defence.

Release 1a will bring the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Australian Public Service (APS) into a single system, Defence One. This will involve significant change in terminology, how ADF members apply for absences and allowances and how applications are approved and processed.

With the implementation of Defence One, some changes to people policies will apply.

Changes to ADF Purchased leave policy

Purchased leave will become a 'pay as you go' arrangement for ADF members, consistent with the purchased leave arrangement for APS.

For more detail on all changes to the purchased leave policy under Defence One, please refer to the purchased leave policy fact sheet.

Changes to ADF Leave lapsing policy

ADF leave will be processed differently under Defence One.

Any recreation leave over 90 days at the end of each financial year, will be lapsed under Defence One. The first time leave will lapse is June 2019. Please refer to the leave lapsing fact sheet for further information.

Changes to aspects of ADF leave policy

Leave types, or the amount of leave you accrue will not change under Defence One. The rules around the administration of leave are changing. For further information on these changes, please refer to the ADF leave fact sheet.

With the implementation of Defence One, two key changes to authorised approvers for leave and allowances will occur. For further information, please refer to the leave and allowance approvers fact sheet.

The automation of allowances

Under Defence One, a number of administration processes will be simplified. This includes the automation of member contributions for Living In Meals and Utilities. Notice periods for living in accommodation have also changed. Please refer to the automation of allowances fact sheet for further information.

Post indexes

ADF members and APS employees who are posted overseas may be eligible for some or all of the overseas living allowances. These allowances help you meet the costs of living overseas compared with Australia.

Under Defence One, a more efficient and automated administrative process for publishing and calculating post indexes will be introduced.

Please refer to the post indexes fact sheet for further information.

Changes to bond and rental advances policy

Under Defence One, the process for payment of bond and rental advances will change. This new process allows members to apply for, and have advances deposited into their bank account once Rental Allowance eligibility has been confirmed by Defence Housing Australia.

Payment and repayment of advances will only be made on a payday.

For further information, please refer to the bond and rental advances fact sheet.

Further information

For further information on the Defence One project, visit the Defence One homepage on the DRN (http://ciogintranet/staff/initiatives/DefenceOne/Pages/default.aspx).

For further information on policy changes under Defence One, visit the Pay and Conditions website.

Do you have a pay-related question?

Army Group - contact unit administration staff

All others, including Army members serving in Non Army Group (NAG) - Contact the Defence Service Centre by telephone on 1800 DEFENCE (1800 333 362) or via email to

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