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Division 1: Removals and storage overview

6.5.3 Purpose

This Division gives an overview of eligibility for assistance with removal and storage in Australia.

6.5.4 Members eligible for a removal

  1. If a member is in any of the circumstances in the following table their eligibility for a removal can be found in the corresponding Division.

    Circumstances for removal
    Item For a member who... see...
    1. is posted within Australia on a posting of six months or more Division 4, Postings or deployments
    2. is required to vacate Service accommodation or accommodation for which rent allowance is payable. This must be for reasons beyond their control. Division 4, Postings or deployments.
    3. meets the criteria in section 6.5.30 or 6.5.46 for a removal in anticipation of a posting or ceasing continuous full-time service.
    Note: In the total workforce model, continuous full-time service may be described as service in Service category 6 or 7. A member who is in Service category 3, 4 or 5 and Service option C is also on continuous full-time service.
    Division 4, Postings or deployments, section 6.5.30
    Division 6, Removal on ceasing continuous full-time service, section 6.5.46.
    4. purchases a suitable own home in their posting location. Division 4, subsection, table item 2
    5. is deployed Division 4, Postings or deployments.
    6. ceases to be a member.
    Exceptions: See 6.5.4.b and c.
    Division 6, Removal on ceasing continuous full-time service.
    7. becomes a member with dependants in any of the following circumstances.
    1. On marriage.
    2. On ADF recognition of a partnership.
    3. On gaining a dependant for the purposes of Chapter 1 Part 3 Division 2.
    Division 8, When a member becomes a member with dependants.
    8. ceases to be a member with dependants.
    Example: On the breakdown of marriage or partnership.
    Division 9, When a member ceases to be a member with dependants.
    9. dies and the member's dependants are eligible for a removal at Commonwealth expense. Division 11, Removal on death of a member.
    10. is a gap year participant with a posting for less than six months Division 4, Postings or deployments, section 6.5.28.
    11. is a gap year participant with a posting for six months or more Division 4, Postings or deployments, section 6.5.26.
  2. The CDF may approve a removal if satisfied that any of the following exceptional circumstances apply to the member or their dependants.

    1. The safety or welfare of the member or dependants would be at high risk if they stayed in their accommodation.

      Example: The member or dependant needs to be removed to a place of safety.

    2. A change in family circumstances requires urgent action.

      Example: A dependant has died violently at the accommodation.

    3. The removal is necessary to prevent an emergency from happening.

      Example: The member may be in imminent danger because they are a witness to a serious criminal offence.

    4. The member has specific housing needs during rehabilitation or as a result of an acquired disability.

      Example: The member has an acquired disability and needs to be located near rehabilitation facilities.

  3. A member of the Reserves is eligible for removal at Commonwealth expense on either or both of these occasions.

    1. When they are to begin continuous full-time service on a posting of more than six months.

    2. When they complete that continuous full-time service.

  4. To apply for a removal the member needs to complete the approved service provider's application for relocation form.

Persons who can make the decision under subsection on behalf of the CDF:
Director General Navy People
Director Navy Personnel Policy and Governance
Director Navy Employment Conditions
Director General Army People Capability
Director Personnel Policy – Army
Staff Officer Grade 1 – Personnel Policy – Army
Director General Career Management Army
Director General Personnel – Air Force
Director Personnel Policy – Air Force
Deputy Director Personnel Policy – Air Force
Deputy Director Service Conditions – Air Force

6.5.5 Members not eligible for a removal

A member is not eligible for a removal at Commonwealth expense in any of these circumstances.

  1. When their posting results from a voluntary exchange of posting with another member outside the normal cycle of posting.

  2. When they are discharged for disciplinary reasons.

  3. When they are posted to the same location or an adjacent location and the residence is in the location of the new posting. However, they may be eligible for a removal if Service reasons require them to relocate.

  4. If the decision to grant a member an extended posting location is revoked at the member's request.

    See: Chapter 1 Part 3 Division 1 section 1.3.55, Posting location – within Australia

  5. The member meets one of the following:

    1. The member is in the Puckapunyal posting location and their posting location has been extended under subsection 7.1.16A.2.

    2. The member ceases to participate in the Puckapunyal housing trial and elects to relocate within the Puckapunyal posting location.

6.5.6 When a member's adult dependant is also a member

  1. If a member's spouse or partner is also a member and both are posted to the same or adjacent locations, these are their removal benefits.

    1. The family unit has only one removal on each occasion of a posting.

    2. When they are posted to adjacent locations, they may choose the location where they will establish the family home. All benefits apply to that location.

  2. If the member and spouse or partner are posted to separate locations, both members may have a removal benefit as follows.

    1. The member who is to live in the family home is eligible for a removal as a member with dependants.

    2. The other member in the couple is eligible for a removal at Commonwealth expense subject to the following conditions.

      1. The member is categorised as a member with dependants (unaccompanied) under section 8.3.6.

        Exception: A member given short-term categorisation under subsection is only eligible for a housing and removal benefit for themself. They are not eligible for their dependants.

        See: Chapter 8 Part 3 Division 1 subsection, Member who may be classified as a member with dependants (unaccompanied)

      2. The assistance is limited to the cost of removing only the furniture and effects from the losing location that are necessary to furnish the member's accommodation at the gaining location.

    Note 1: Subparagraph does not include furniture and effects for the member's dependants.

    Note 2: Section 7.8.25 provides that a member with dependants unaccompanied can get assistance to hire items similar to those that the member's dependants need to keep at the losing location.

    See: Chapter 7 Part 8 Division 4 section 7.8.25, Furniture rental

6.5.7 Other benefits associated with removals

  1. A member and their dependants may be eligible for one or more of the benefits shown in this table when they are removed.

    Other benefits
    Item Benefit See
    1. A Service residence, living in or rent allowance Chapter 7 Part 1 Division 3 section 7.1.17
    2. Temporary accommodation allowance Chapter 7 Part 5 Division 1 section 7.5.6
    3. Disturbance allowance Chapter 6 Part 1 Division 1
    4. Travel, baggage and accommodation Chapter 9
    5. Sale (instead of removal) of vehicles, towable items, furniture or effects Chapter 6 Part 2
    6. Compensation for loss or damage to items removed or stored Chapter 6 Part 5 Division 2 section 9.5.9A
    7. Insurance for urgently required household items Chapter 6 Part 5 Division 2 section 9.5.12A
    8. Reimbursement of expenses for pet relocation Chapter 6 Part 1 Division 3
    9. Unpacking assistance
    Note: This is only available to members who have a dependant with special needs, in limited circumstances.
    Chapter 8 Part 6 subsection, Special assistance during removal
  2. For benefits for a non-Service spouse or non-Service partner on relationship breakdown, see Division 10 of this Part.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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