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Division 6: Additional recreation leave for training ('trainee leave')

5.4.27 Purpose

Additional recreation leave for training is for a member who must take a break from a course and who does not have enough recreation leave credit to cover the absence. The leave is sometimes called trainee leave.

5.4.28 Member eligible for trainee leave

  1. This section applies to a member who meets all of these conditions.

    1. They are required by their Service to attend a training course, or a series of courses.

    2. They are not required to attend the course during a course break.

    3. They do not have enough recreation leave to cover the period of the course break.

  2. The member is able to take trainee leave for the period of the course break not covered by recreation leave.

    Example: A member has two days of recreation leave credit. They do a course of training that involves a five-day course break. They can take two days of recreation leave and three days of trainee leave to cover the absence.

  3. Recreation leave credits must be used before trainee leave may be granted.

    Example: A member begins a course of training with a recreation leave credit of 10 days. They must use that credit before they can get trainee leave for a course break.

5.4.29 Member on part-time leave without pay or a flexible service determination

  1. A member given part-time leave without pay to assist them to attend a training course is not eligible for trainee leave.

  2. A member on a flexible service determination (weeks per month pattern of service) may not be granted trainee leave during their nonworking period.

Application to Reservists: No.

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