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Division 3: Port Wakefield allowance

4.4.17 Purpose

Port Wakefield allowance compensates a member for the isolation, harsh climate and cost of living involved in serving at the Port Wakefield establishment.

4.4.18 Definition

This table defines term used in this Division.

Term Definition in this Division
Establishment Proof and Experimental Establishment at Port Wakefield in South Australia.

4.4.19 Benefit

  1. Subject to subsection 1A, a member is eligible for Port Wakefield allowance if the member is posted to the establishment and must live there.

  2. 1A. Port Wakefield allowance is not payable during a nonworking period that exceeds 28 days under a member's flexible service determination.

  3. This table sets out the yearly rate of Port Wakefield allowance payable to a member.

    Rate of allowance
    Item If the member... then their rate of allowance is...
    1. has at least one dependant living at the establishment 2,735
    2. is a member of any other kind 1,370
  4. Port Wakefield allowance is paid from the date the member takes up residence at the establishment and ends when they leave it.

4.4.20 Member not eligible

A member serving at the establishment on temporary duty is not eligible for the allowance.

4.4.21 Absence from the establishment

The conditions for absence from a remote location under Division 2 apply to a member's absence from the establishment.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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