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Division 2B: Reserve capability completion bonus – capability at short-notice

3.5.14G Purpose

The purpose of this Division is to provide a payment to select members of the Reserves as an incentive to provide capability at short-notice.

3.5.14H Member eligible for Reserve capability completion bonus

A member of the Reserves who meets all of the following.

  1. The member has made a written undertaking to provide capability at short-notice.

  2. The member is assigned as Service Category 4 by their Service.

  3. The member is not performing continuous full time service.

3.5.14I Payment of the bonus

  1. A member is eligible to receive a payment of $5,000 each time they satisfy all of the following criteria.

    1. The member has performed service for the minimum number of days specified in their Service Category 4 undertaking within 12 months.

    2. The member has completed 12 months in Service Category 4.

    3. Exception: The CDF has extended the period under subsection 2.

    4. The member has satisfied all of the conditions specified by their Service Category 4 undertaking.

  2. The CDF may extend the period under paragraph b. up to a maximum of one year if the member has not met the criteria under paragraph a. or c.

  3. Note: The period must be extended before the completion of the period specified under paragraph b.

  4. For the purpose of subsection 2, the CDF must consider the reasons that have prevented the member from meeting their obligations when extending the period.

  5. A member may not receive more than one payment in a 12 month period.

3.5.14J Reduced payment of bonus

  1. The CDF may approve a reduced payment of the bonus if a member fails to satisfy the criteria under paragraph 3.5.14I.1.b due to one of the following circumstances.

    1. The member is transferred to the Permanent Force.

    2. The member dies.

    3. The member ceases service at the end of a period of service.

    4. The member reaches their retirement age, and the CDF has not allowed them to continue serving beyond that age.

    5. The CDF considers it reasonable to make the reduced payment.

  2. The payment under subsection 1 is calculated using the following formula.

  3. Where:

    D Is the number of days between the following two days.

    1. The day the member's undertaking under paragraph 3.5.14H.a commenced.

    2. The day the member ceased service in Service Category.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances.

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