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Part 1: Overview

14.1.1 About relocations to and from overseas postings

  1. When a member receives official written notice of an overseas posting, the Commonwealth provides a number of benefits. These benefits help the member and dependants to travel to the overseas posting, so the member is ready for duty on the required date. The benefits also provide travel back to Australia, or the next posting location, when the posting period ends.

  2. This table provides an overview of the benefits covered by this Chapter.

    Overview of benefits
    Item Benefit For details, See:
    1. Fitness checks for dependants. Part 2, Before leaving Australia
    2. Financial advances.
    3. Financial advice.
    4. Removal, storage or sale of items. Part 3, Removals
    5. Loss on sale of private vehicle.
    5A. Storage of private vehicle.
    6. Transfer allowance.
    7. Compensation for any loss or damage.
    8. Travel cost allowance. Part 4, Travel to and from the posting location
    9. Air travel to the posting location, to begin duty.
    10. Air travel from the posting, at end of the posting period.
    11. Excess baggage costs.
    12. Rest periods.
    13. Settling in and out allowances. Part 5, Settling in and out
    14. Benefits during evacuations Part 6, Evacuations and withdrawals from posting
    15. Benefits if the Commonwealth suddenly withdraws from posting.
    16. Compensation for loss or damage to possessions in certain events.
    Examples: War, civil disorder, natural disaster.
  3. Once the member has moved in to permanent accommodation at the posting, benefits are covered by Chapter 15, until the end of the posting period.

    See: Chapter 15, Living and working on long-term posting overseas

  4. When relocating back to Australia, or the next posting location, similar removal, travel and settling out benefits apply. Check each Part in this Chapter for details.

14.1.2 Member this Chapter applies to

  1. This Chapter applies to a member (including a member on Reserve service) who is on a long-term posting overseas.

  2. Note: In the total workforce model, this includes a member in Service categories 3, 4, 5 and 7. It also includes employees in Service category 1 through the operation of section H6 of the Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020. A member in Service category 6 is unlikely to perform duty overseas.

  3. Despite subsection 1, a member who meets both the following conditions may be granted the conditions listed in subsection 3.

    1. The member has been granted a period of part-time leave without pay.

    2. The member is performing duty overseas.

    Note: This means that for a member who meets the requirements of subsection 2, any prerequisites of posting overseas are taken not to apply.

  4. The following parts of this Chapter apply to a member who meets the conditions in subsection 2.

    Related Information: See Chapter 5 Part 10 section 5.10.23, Other conditions of service that apply, for the conditions applying to members performing part-time leave without pay overseas

    Item Condition Reference
    1. Travel on evacuation
    Exception: The member is only eligible for travel on evacuation. The member is not eligible for travel at the beginning and end of the member's period of duty overseas.
    Part 4 Division 1 section 14.4.5
    Exception: Subsection
    2. Conditions on evacuation from post Part 6 Division 1
    1. Sections 14.6.3 to 14.6.7
    2. Section 14.6.12
    3. Sections 14.6.15 and 14.6.16

14.1.3 Member this Chapter does not apply to

This Chapter does not apply to a member if either of these conditions applies.

  1. They are not entitled to salary.

  2. They are on a scholarship, bursary or endowment for studying overseas from an organisation other than the Commonwealth.

    Example: Rhodes Scholarship.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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