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Natasha Miller - Adelaide

Adelaide born and raised, Australian Army Signaller Natasha Miller has hung up her dancing shoes and replaced them with military boots.

To top it off, she now finds herself in Iraq helping to maintain communications systems for the 400 Australian and New Zealand troops providing training to Iraqi soldiers.

"I always danced as I grew up, but I decided to join the Army to really challenge myself," Signaller Miller said.

"Normally I am a radio operator, however on this deployment we are employed in a range of roles.

"Now I manage communication equipment and material."

As a Communications Systems Operator, Signaller Miller is responsible for ensuring commanders can communicate with their trainers using both satellite terminals and radios which can be used for mounted and dismounted tasks.

"We have a small team over here," she said.

"Our primary role is manning the radio 24/7 and the management of the systems.

"We basically work with radios and an array of communication systems over different types of networks to ensure we can talk to each other and to other Coalition forces in Iraq.

"The priority of communications is to enable the passage of information from the trainers to the commander."

Graduating from Para Hills High in 2009 in Adelaide's northern suburbs, Signaller Miller admits she misses her family and friends.

"Back home my friends take the opportunity to come and see me when they can which is good," she said.

"On the other hand, the Army has given me an independent lifestyle where I could learn about myself."

Signaller Miller joined the Army in 2012 and this is her first deployment.

"It was what I expected in some aspects, but there are also so many unknowns, especially as we are the first rotation into Iraq.

"It's an achievement because it is not something that all 23-year old females do.

"I am very grateful for this opportunity because you join to do your job on deployment."

Signaller Miller said her parents, who still reside in Adelaide, are proud she is in the Army.

"My mum and dad are very supportive and always excited to hear what I have been up to," she said.

"When they found out I was deploying to Iraq, they were shocked at first but they understand my role and knew it was what I wanted.

"From their point of view, they just want to make sure I am safe."

Signaller Miller will return back to Australia towards the end of the year when she plans to spend Christmas at home in Adelaide.