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Global Operations

Middle East Region

Operation Accordion

Cargo being loaded onto a Royal Australian Air Force C-130J Hercules on mission to South Sudan.

Op ACCORDION sustains and supports Australian Defence Force (ADF) operations in the Middle East region (MER), enabling contingency operations and enhancing regional relationships.

The MER remains strategically important to Australia's economic and trade interests; and it's in Australia's national interest to contribute to a secure and stable MER.

There are approximately 500 ADF members deployed on Op ACCORDION, which comprises Headquarters Joint Task Force 633, a Theatre Communications Group, a Force Support Element, an Expeditionary Airbase Operations Unit, an Air Mobility Task Group, a Joint Movements Coordination Centre and the ADF Investigative Service.

Rear Admiral Jaimie Hatcher, AM, RAN, is the current Commander Joint Task Force 633 and exercises National Command of ADF personnel supporting Operations ACCORDION, HIGHROAD, MANITOU AND OKRA.

Theatre Communications Group (TCG)

The Theatre Communications Group (TCG) is an ADF joint unit.

The Theatre Communications Group is responsible for the provision of national command and information systems as well as coordination of coalition systems for deployed Australian members deployed on operations ACCORDION, HIGHROAD, MANITOU and OKRA.

Force Support Element (FSE)

The Force Support Element (FSE) provides theatre logistic support in order to sustain ADF Operations in support of Operations ACCORDION, ASLAN, HIGHROAD, MANITOU, MAZURKA, OKRA and PALADIN.

FSE's main tasks include the receipt, storage and distribution of mail, stores and equipment to all deployed locations within the MER. FSE has the capability to plan and prepare stores and equipment for distribution via Aerial Delivery means as required.

Expeditionary Airbase Operations Unit (EAOU)

EAOU provides fixed base and expeditionary airbase operations support to Operations ACCORDION, OKRA, HIGHROAD and MANITOU.

EAOU base support comprises administration, base security, Air Load Team, aviation logistics support, Host Nation Liaison, maintenance of aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE), airfield fire-fighting and rescue, explosive ordnance management, base command post, Role 1 medical facility, environmental health and psychology support, and visa coordination.

EAOU expeditionary capabilities are Mobile Air Load Team (MALT), Environmental Health, Psychology Support, Aircraft Security Operations, GSE support, strategic Aero-medical Evacuation (AME), support to Initial Response and Support Team (IRST) and Evacuation Handling Centre (EHC).

Air Mobility Task Group (AMTG)

The AMTG consists of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) air crew, aircraft maintainers and the aircraft that enable HQ JTF633 to provide air mobility support across the Middle East Region to Operations ACCORDION, MANITOU, HIGHROAD and OKRA.

The AMTG also provides air mobility support for Australia's contributions to the United Nations and other operations such as Operations ASLAN MAZURKA, and PALADIN.

Joint Movements Coordination Middle East Region (JMCO MER)

JMCO MER, in concert with its forward deployed Movement Control Detachments, coordinates and controls the movement of personnel and cargo throughout the MER and provides movements support to United Nations and Other Operations such as Operations MAZUKA, PALADIN and ASLAN.

ADF Investigative Service (ADFIS)

ADFIS is a joint unit that contributes to the security and safety of deployed personnel through the lawful, ethical and effective investigation of complex and major incidents or criminal activities involving Defence personnel or impacting upon the ADF, independent of Service chains of command.