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After arrival in Australia

Temporary Accommodation Allowance

While you are housed in Temporary Accommodation you are entitled to be paid Temporary Accommodation Allowance.

Lengthy stays in Temporary Accommodation (generally past three weeks, but this period can be shorter or longer depending on your particular circumstances) are likely to incur a debt to Defence. There is a separate document that is attached to your Introductory email that more fully explains this allowance.

We strongly encourage you to contact Defence Housing Australia (DHA) as soon as possible to attempt to locate your new home which could also avoid you incurring a debt to Defence.

This Allowance is calculated and paid to you as part of your Immigration expenses reimbursement and is not paid any earlier than your check out from your Temporary Accommodation.

If you have any questions in relation to this, please email

Note: If you are housed in Live In On Base you are not entitled to Temporary Accommodation Allowance and therefore cannot incur a debt.

Immigration costs to be reimbursed

These costs are reimbursed to you once you have moved out of your commercial Temporary Accommodation, or have completed your enlistment if you are not entitled to be housed in commercial accommodation, and have sent the required paperwork to OAT for processing. The reason for this timing is that if a debt has been incurred as the result of your stay in Temporary Accommodation, the amount of the debt will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed.

Costs that are able to be reimbursed are:

  • Visa/s for member and accompanying dependants
  • Photos for visas
  • Postage costs directly related to visa applications or sending documents to required locations to complete your enlistment
  • Medical checks for member and accompanying dependants
  • Police checks for member and accompanying dependants (generally this will only be for adult dependants)
  • Passports. This reimbursement will generally be for accompanying dependants who have not previously held a passport, but this can be discussed with OAT depending on your particular circumstances.
  • Professional costs that are related to the documentation that is related to your immigration. This includes but is not limited to
  • Certification of documents as true copies of the originals
  • Translations of documents written in a language other than English from non-English speaking countries
  • Photocopying of documents related directly to your Immigration

In some circumstances you may be able to claim the cost of travel and accommodation to undertake your medical check. Please ensure that you gain approval from OAT for this reimbursement prior to spending any funds in relation to this. There are strict criteria that need to be met to have this reimbursement payable to you. The completion of a Statutory Declaration would be required to request payment of these amounts if they are approved.


In order for your Immigration Expenses to be reimbursed to you OAT require scanned or faxed copies of the paid invoice and/or receipt for each cost. If you are unable, for some reason, to get a receipt in relation to the cost and the item appears on a bank statement in your name and is clearly recognisable as the cost being claimed, the bank statement can be used as proof.

Bank/Post Office fees (apart from direct postage costs) and currency conversion charges are not refundable to you. It is also to be noted that an item that is paid for in a foreign currency (e.g. you live in the UK, but need to pay for an item in Germany) will be calculated in that foreign currency for you and not the converted GBP amount that may appear on your bank statement.

Conversions will be calculated for the date that the item was paid. If the item was paid for on a weekend or an Australian Public Holiday, the next working day after that date will be used to complete the conversion. Defence’s internal currency conversion rates will be used.

Attached to your Introductory email is a Claim for Reimbursement of Immigration Expenses form. This form needs to be completed and forwarded to OAT with your other supporting documentation. OAT are unable to process your reimbursement without this form.

The reimbursement for these costs will be paid into the account that you have chosen to attach to your ROMAN account. Please see below for more details in regard to ROMAN.

Multiple receipts to a single scanned page are not encouraged unless they relate to the same expense, i.e. don’t scan an invoice for a police check, a medical test, and post expense on the one page.  If in doubt, scan each item separately. Receipts need to include the date of payment as this is needed in order to calculate the correct exchange rate for each expense. Receipts and evidence do not need to be certified true copies.

If you have any questions about this process, please email

Bank and Financial Institution Account Authorisation (Form AD576)

Attached to your Introductory email is a copy of the form AD576 (PDF). This is the form that you are to use to create and make changes to the account that your salary is paid to (ADF Pay) and your ROMAN account.

ROMAN is an acronym for Resource & Output Management & Accounting Network. Put simply, this is the system that Defence uses to complete any reimbursements to you that are not done via the ADFPAY system. Your Temporary Accommodation Allowance and Immigration Expenses reimbursement falls into this category.

While completion of this form can be done once you are in country, many Lateral Recruits find it easier to make arrangements for a new Australian bank account before they leave the country from which they are being recruited. This allows them to have an account number that can be used for payments to be made into even if they have not yet had a chance to arrange for cards etc.  You cannot have a ROMAN account attached to an overseas bank account.

After the form has been completed, please ensure that you send it to and it will be forwarded on to the correct area for input on your behalf.

Once the account has been opened you will receive your ROMAN account number. This will be advised to you by OAT and is to be used as needed for the remainder of your career with Defence.

Note: Without this form being completed and your ROMAN account being opened OAT are unable to complete your reimbursement or pay you your allowance.

DHA lockdown confirmation and welcome visit

Once you have successfully reserved a home through DHA you will be sent a Lockdown confirmation and Welcome Visit advice. If you do not receive either of these, please email DHA and request that they be sent to you. The Welcome Visit confirmation is to be sent to OAT as soon as possible after receipt.

Your Welcome Visit date will be a weekday and is as soon as possible after you are in the country and your chosen house is available for occupancy. There can sometimes be a delay between these two events.

Please advise OAT of your Welcome Visit date as soon as you can. The Welcome Visit date is very important in terms of the supply of a furniture pack to you to allow you to move into your new home as soon as possible. 

Furniture hire

If needed, OAT can arrange for a furniture hire pack to be provided to you.  You can discuss whether you will need a pack with OAT once you know when your new home is available to you and the expected delivery date of your sea freight. Generally your home will be ready for you to move into weeks before your sea freight is due to be delivered to you, however, if it is only a matter of days a decision may be made to delay you in Temporary Accommodation rather than incur the cost of furniture hire.

The process of arranging furniture hire takes up to five working days to arrange, so the earlier that you can advise us of your needs, the more likely it is that we will be able to meet your date requirements.

The period of furniture hire commences from the next working day after your Welcome Visit and ceases when your sea freight has been delivered to you. Generally the supplying company will collect your furniture on the morning of your sea freight delivery but this cannot be guaranteed in all cases.

The pack contains beds and bedding, kitchen items included a microwave and crockery and cutlery, a washing machine and vacuum. It also has towels etc as well as lounge furniture and TV. Some packs also give you an entertainment system, but this is not guaranteed in all areas. We are confident that you will be supplied with enough items that you will be able to begin settling into your new home while you wait for your own goods to arrive.

You will be advised by OAT of the name and contact details of the supplying company and the date of delivery. If you have an Australian contact phone number it would be appreciated if you could advise this to OAT at the same time as requesting the furniture hire.

Requesting the pack is simple. OAT require the DHA Welcome Visit confirmation. If this not available, the Lockdown Confirmation is to be sent to OAT along with the verbally advised Welcome Visit date via email.

The email to OAT needs to confirm that you are requesting a furniture pack to be arranged for you, the address of the property that the pack is to be delivered to and the date that you require it to be delivered. It would also be appreciated if you could advise what the possible delivery date of your sea freight is to be so that a decision can be made in relation to moving you from Temporary Accommodation.

This email is to be sent to

Once you know the delivery date of your sea freight, please let OAT know so that arrangements can be made to collect your furniture pack from you on the same day. The more time that we have to arrange this for you, the more likely it is that we will be able to have the pack picked up on your preferred date.

Note: Collection of your furniture pack is to be arranged through OAT. Simply send an email to and the arrangements will be made for you. OAT require at least three day’s notice to be able to arrange collection for you.