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Frequently Asked Questions

I've just accepted an overseas posting - what is the next step?

When the Overseas Administration Team (OAT) is notified of your posting, you will be assigned a Case Manager, who will contact you and send you the pre-departure brief and other supporting documents.

The OAT is usually an addressee on all longterm overseas Posting Orders.

If your Posting Order asks you to contact the OAT, but you have already received a pre-departure brief from your OAT Case Manager, there is no need to contact us again.

Alternatively (especially for APS employees, who do not receive Posting Orders), you can contact us directly on 1800 355 879 or if you are expecting your posting approval in the near future.

I am currently MWD(U). Who is responsible for returning me to my family location prior to my overseas posting?

This is NOT administered by OAT as it is not a direct part of your Long Term Overseas Posting.

Toll will arrange this for you. They can be contacted on 1800 819 167 or via their website

You will need to supply Toll with a copy of your Long Term Overseas Posting order. They will use this as their authority to return you to your home location prior to going overseas.

I am completing my removal inventory - how much detail do I need to include?

Inventories should be as detailed as possible to assist with any insurance claims in the event of loss or damage.

Note: It is not necessary to list each item in a collection (i.e. clothing, books, CDs , etc), however it is recommended that you accurately list the number of items in the collection and their total value (e.g 50 CDs - $1150). 

It is important to make sure writing is legible.

An electronic version of the standard inventory form is available in Forms & Downlaods.

How do I find out more information about the locality I'm being posted to?

The OAT is unable to provide detailed information about each posting locality, but the Post Admin staff for your locality should be able to provide additional information to you. If the Post Admin at your posted locality has not yet contacted you, please ask your OAT Case Manager for their contact details.

I am currently MWD(U), what should I do to change my categorisation prior to my LTP?

Please submit a Form AA157 - Application to Live-In, Live-Out and Categorisation and AD291 - Application for Categorisation as a Member With Dependants (Unaccompanied) to DS-CNNSW.PAC-11. The AD150 - ADF Personal Data should be submitted for processing to your CSC.

What causes Overseas Living Allowance to change?

Other than for a change in your personal circumstances or income, there are only three reasons why your rate of OLA could change during your period of overseas posting:

  • price changes occurring in Australia,
  • price changes occurring at the overseas locality, and
  • exchange rate fluctuations.

Does the ADF Group Rental Scheme apply overseas?

No — the GRS only applies to Service personnel living in Australia.

What contribution do I pay for my overseas accommodation?

If you are residing in Service type living-in accommodation, you will be required to make a contribution for the quarters based on the same conditions as if residing in similar living-in quarters in Australia. In all other circumstances, you are obliged to pay a contribution for rent and utilities, with effect from the day of your arrival until the day of your departure, irrespective of whether you are occupying temporary, permanent or substandard accommodation.

However, you may be eligible to claim a reduction in your Rent and Utilities Contribution (RUC) if you are maintaining a home for recognised dependants in Australia. To do this, you would need to submit a completed Rent Remission Arising from the Maintenance of a Household in Australia as a Consequence of an Overseas Posting form with supporting evidence to your OAT Case Manager.

Your Rent & Utilities Contributions (RUC) can be determined from the Allowance Rates page of this site.

Am I entitled to Education Assistance for my children?

If you are posted overseas for longer than 12 months and your child is eligible to accompany you at public expense, you are eligible for the payment of Education Assistance.

Education at Overseas Posts. You must give careful consideration to your dependants’ education needs and the education facilities available at the overseas posting locality before departure from Australia.  A large number of children who are enrolled in secondary school overseas end up returning to Australia to finish their schooling so they can graduate to a tertiary institution.  Personnel with secondary school aged children who plan to undertake tertiary education in Australia should seriously consider the option of leaving their children in Australia at boarding school.

Tertiary Entrance Examinations.  There have been cases where dependants of personnel serving overseas have been unable to gain entry to tertiary institutions in Australia after completing Year 12 equivalent courses in another country.  If you have a child who will study at Year 12 equivalent level in an overseas institution, you should ensure that the course covers all requirements for subsequent entry to an Australian tertiary institution.

What Health Assistance is provided?

The level of financial assistance provided for health care costs overseas is based on personnel meeting the same level of costs that they would under the Medicare system in Australia, excluding ARTs (assisted reproductive therapies). Therefore, when you submit a claim to post administration for reimbursement of medical costs, you may be required to pay a contribution towards the costs of the treatment. Post administration will provide the necessary contribution rates.

Do I need an International SOS overseas travel insurance card?

It is recommended that you obtain your own travel insurance to cover you and your dependants for any private travel that you undertake. It is also recommended that you take some time to read the Smart Traveller website for any potential issues in the country that you are being posted to.

How do I get a copy of my pay slip?

The Defence Service Centre ( can send you a copy of your pay slip. You will need to provide your EID, name, date of birth, and which pay slip/s you require.

Note: The OAT (and PAC - Victoria) are unable to generate APS pay slips.

What happens to ADF members' pers docs during an overseas posting?

Members' pers docs should be sent as follows:

  1. Medical and Dental Records should go with the member to the overseas post.
  2. Q Records (Army) / Clothing Cards (RAAF) should be sent to the ADFA Clothing Pool.
  3. Leave Records (Army self-administering units) should be sent to:

    Hunter Business Centre
    28-32 King Street

    (PAC-NSW currently processes all leave for Navy, RAAF, and DSG-administered Army units)

  4. All other ADF pers docs should be sent to:

    Overseas Administration Team
    Defence Plaza Melbourne
    661 Bourke Street

What should I do with my Defence Travel Card (DTC) during my overseas posting?

You should cancel your Travel Card (and Purchasing Card/s, if you have been issued any), and get it re-issued once you return to Australia. The OAT has received advice from Integrated Travel Solutions, the Corporate Card Support Centre, and the Finance Business Centre that the Travel Card is not authorised for use on long-term overseas postings.

Should I take out travel insurance during periods of Annual Leave while on my overseas posting?

Yes you should. There is no medical coverage for you or your approved dependants while you are on Annual Leave.

Can I take my pet(s) with me on my overseas posting?

Yes. There is a one off payment available as partial reimbursement of the costs and the current rate is in PACMAN.

Please note - You will be responsible for any additional costs associated with taking your pet to your overseas posting (e.g. extra home leasing costs). This may involve significant expenses depending on your locality and Defence will not cover these costs.

It should also be noted that not all pets are able to be sent to all overseas posts.

What visa do I need for a long term overseas posting?

Details of any VISA type or application should be sought from DFAT for specific guidance.

Defence employees with an active DRN account may find further information on the Travel pages on the DRN.

Can my family access the Defence Family Helpline while posted overseas?

The Defence Family Helpline is your first point of call for support, information and connection with your community, including your local Defence Community Organisation (DCO) team. The Helpline is available 24-7 and is staffed by qualified human services professionals including social workers and psychologists.

The Defence Family Helpline, formerly the Family Information Network in Defence (FIND), has a new Freecall number within Australia: 1800 624 608

Australian Defence families who are living in some overseas countries can contact the Helpline free of charge by calling their country-specific Freecall number from a landline.

International Region Helpline Number
UK (United Kingdom) 0800 051 2187
North America/Hawaii/Canada 1855 809 3999
Malaysia 1800 816 443
Papua New Guinea 0008 61 004

There may be local telephone call charges for calling the numbers above, but the international component should be paid for by DCO.

You can also send an email message to the Helpline on and receive a response within 24 hours.

Is E.A.P. available to me while I am posted overseas?

Yes. Confidential, cost free assistance is available to all Defence APS employees and their immediate family members.

Managers and supervisors of APS employees (both Military and Civilian) are also able obtain help and advice with workplace related issues.

Title Number
For Assistance 1300 366 789 or 1300 361 008
For After Hours Crisis Counseling 1800 451 138 or 1300 361 008
Manager Hotline 1800 451 138 or 1300 361 008
From Overseas +61 2 9293 7249