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Allowance Rates

The following rates are provided as a guide to assist you in calculating an estimate of your allowances and entitlements.

Location Allowance (Hardship Allowance)

Members serving on long-term posting duty at certain overseas posts experience disabilities or hardships beyond those covered by the normal overseas conditions of service package. At these posts, a special conditions of service package has been determined to alleviate the additional difficulties that are likely to be experienced.

Transfer Allowance

The purpose of Transfer Allowance is to compensate for miscellaneous costs associated with overseas removals. Detailed information can be found in

Transfer Allowance - PACMAN Chapter 14 Part 3 Division 3

Different rates of transfer allowance are payable according to the circumstances of the posting:

  • from Australia to an Overseas locality;
  • from an Overseas Locality to another Overseas Locality;
  • within the same overseas locality, and
  • from an Overseas Locality to Australia.

Outlay Advance

Outlay Advance is provided to assist with significant expenditure on initial setting-up costs overseas. This advance may be paid when the formalities associated with the movement to the locality have been substantially completed. The types of expenses that Outlay Advance is provided to assist with are :

  • registering and insuring a motor vehicle at the overseas post; and
  • clothing needs where supply problems at the overseas post make it necessary to purchase such items before departure; and
  • special clothing needs to cater for the extreme climatic conditions at the overseas post.

Any amount of Outlay Advance paid to the member must be recovered in fortnightly amounts over a period of 12 months or period of posting (if less than 12 months) commencing from no later than the first payday after the advance has been received. An acquittal of these funds must be completed within six months. An acquittal form is on the Forms & Downloads page.

Detailed information in regards to Outlay Advance can be obtained from the following link : Outlay Advance - PACMAN Chapter 14, Part 2, Division 2

Application for Outlay Advanced is made as follows:

The Maximum amount of Outlay Advance that can be approved is AUD15,000.00.

A lesser amount can be requested.