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Directorate Of Special Financial Claims


The Directorate of Special Financial Claims (DSFC) is responsible for managing, on behalf of Defence, claims for Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration (CDDA Scheme). 

When seeking a claim for Detriment Caused by Defective Administration (CDDA Scheme) complete the General CDDA Application Form and submit to

DSFC is also responsible for preparing submissions to the Department of Finance and Administration for Act of Grace payments and requests for waiver of overpayments.

Payment Summary

If you have incurred costs for financial or tax advice following the reissue of your 2017/18 Summary Payment, you may wish to complete the Application Form - Scheme for Compensation for Detriment Caused by Defective Administration - Payment Summary and email it to


Department of Defence
Defence Legal - DSFC 
PO Box 7911