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Joint Logistics Command

Our Vision :

To create a robust, flexible and responsive logistics system capable of providing future support to operations in the global context.

Role of Commander Joint Logistics (CJLOG)

CJLOG is accountable for command of Joint Logistics Command and in undertaking the role of the Defence Strategic J4.

CJLOG is also assigned responsibility for development of joint logistics policy and doctrine and for creating the vision for delivery of materiel logistic support.

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CJLOGs roles include:

  • Strategic logistics advisor to Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) and the Secretary;
  • Head of the Defence Fuel Supply Chain;
  • capability manager for joint logistics;
  • providing logistic assurance to CDF and the Secretary;
  • planning, coordinating and delivering logistics support for operations and exercises to enable the Services to meet their raise, train and sustain function;
  • establishing and maintaining a system to direct, coordinate and evaluate logistic support for Defence capabilities now and into the future;
  • participating at the executive committee level to ensure logistics issues are fully considered in Defence operations and planning;
  • defining, implementing and monitoring Defence‚Äôs logistic processes and performance; and
  • serving as the Competent Authority for explosive ordnance.

JLC Priorities

  • Well-being of our people
  • Security
  • Work Health & Safety
  • Support to Operations
  • Fuel Supply Chain
  • Strategic Reform Program
  • JP2077 MILIS Implementation
  • Inventory Compliance & Assurance
  • Explosive Ordnance Supply Chain Performance
  • Workforce Professionalisation
  • Excellence in Business Management