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Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative

ASMTI Training Areas

The Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative (the Initiative) will see a new training area established near Greenvale in North Queensland and the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA) in Central Queensland expanded. Singapore will invest about AUD 2 billion to acquire land and develop and enhance these training areas.

Greenvale, North Queensland

Defence has assessed that a training area near Greenvale will best meet Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Singapore Armed Forces requirements, both now and into the future. Defence has exchanged contracts with willing sellers to acquire land near Greenvale and is now one step closer to establishing a new training area. Construction will commence in North Queensland in 2019.

Shoalwater Bay, Central Queensland

Good progress is being made to acquire properties to expand the Shoalwater Bay Training Area. Construction will commence in Central Queensland in 2019.

Proposed Training Areas

Next Generation Training

Training is the foundation on which military capability is built and contributes to how we operate seamlessly with allies and partners. The ASMTI will set the foundations for the future of ADF and Singapore Armed Forces training. The evolving character of conflict and rapid advances in technology is challenging current approaches to training and training area development. The integration of space, cyber and information environments – with the more traditional training environments of land, sea and air – is now required. Next generation training areas must be able to support the use of robotics, autonomous systems, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Defence continues to encourage and facilitate open discussions with relevant government, industry, and science and technology stakeholders to design and develop technologically advanced training areas and facilities that maximises training outcomes for the ADF and Singapore Armed Forces.