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Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative


Frequently Asked Questions – General

This information is subject to change.

1. Is my land still required by Defence?

Defence is currently liaising with willing sellers in Central and North Queensland. This is to expand and further develop the Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Central Queensland and to establish a new training area near Greenvale in North Queensland.

2. How many Singaporean troops will be here?

Currently up to 6,600 Singapore Armed Forces troops conduct unilateral training in Australia in a calendar year. This will gradually increase up to 14,000 Singapore Armed Forces per year as training facilities are developed and logistic support arrangements are put in place, with no more than 2,000 to 4,000 troops expected to train in Australia at any one time.

There will also be an increase in the training period for the Singapore Armed Forces from the current window of 6 weeks (one training window per year) to up to 18 weeks (two training windows of 9 weeks per year).

The location of Singapore training may vary year to year depending on ADF requirements.

3. How will Defence engage with communities?

Defence places a high priority on understanding the views of the community to inform its planning. It maintains a comprehensive program of community and industry engagement in Central and North Queensland as implementation of the Initiative progresses. Engagement has included face to face meetings, town hall meetings, newsletter updates and written advice.

Defence has established a dedicated office in Townsville to support consultations and engagement. A Defence Liaison Officer and a Business and Community representative, also based in Townsville, maintain close contact with landholders, industry and the broader community.

4. Who owns the new facilities and can Australia use them?

Any land acquisition or new facilities and infrastructure will be owned by the Australian Government, paid for by Singapore, and accessible for priority use by the Australian Defence Force.

The Australia – Singapore Military Training Initiative will deliver the Australian Defence Force with state of the art facilities ensuring that we deliver the best possible training outcomes for the ADF over the coming decades.