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Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative


Frequently Asked Questions – For Business & Industry

The following information is intended to be a plain language guide only. This information does not constitute legal, financial, commercial or professional advice, and must not be considered or treated as such.

1. What does this Initiative mean for local business in Central and North Queensland?

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Australian and Singapore governments states that priority will be given to Australian commercial enterprises in the locality of the training areas, in support of both the development and the ongoing training phases, boosting regional jobs and growth.

If you’d like to know more about the local economic opportunities from the Initiative, read KPMG’s Socio-Economic Impact Assessment and Factsheets.

You can also read more about opportunities for local Industry in our Maximising Opportunities for Local Industry Factsheet.

2. How much will be invested as part of this Initiative?

Singapore will invest about AUD 2 billion to acquire land in North Queensland and at Shoalwater Bay and to develop facilities to enhance these training areas to meet the future needs of the ADF and an increased presence by Singapore Armed Forces personnel.

3. When will work start?

Construction will commence in Central and North Queensland in 2019.

4. How can local business get involved?

Businesses interested in opportunities arising from construction works at the Shoalwater Bay Training Area can contact Rachel DiRusso from Laing O’Rourke, the Managing Contractor, at:

Businesses interested in other Defence opportunities should register through AusTender.

5. What is AusTender?

For contractors and suppliers seeking to contract directly with the Commonwealth, AusTender is the Australian Government’s procurement information system. It provides centralised publication of Australian Government business opportunities, Agency procurement plans, multi-use lists and details of contracts awarded.

Contractors and suppliers seeking to contract directly with the Commonwealth are encouraged to visit and register. This is a quick and free service, which provides the opportunity to identify the services or sector of interest. Registration enables emails to be sent automatically as opportunities are lodged on AusTender.

6. How can my business work with the principal contractor/s?

Principal contractors or ‘Primes’ are likely to run advertisements or information sessions to raise awareness of subcontract opportunities. Please register on AusTender to be notified.

7. Can my business contract directly to Singapore?

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Australian and Singapore Governments states that Singapore may enter into commercial arrangements with Australian suppliers to procure goods and services. For contractors and suppliers seeking to contract directly with Singapore, the process by which Singapore might elect to directly procure those goods or services is being determined. When more information is available, it will be communicated to the local market. Please continue to visit our website for updated information.

8. What goods and services will be needed?

All upgrades and development at the training areas need to be agreed to by both governments and be mutually beneficial.

At this stage, Defence expects there will be a need for services to construct the following infrastructure and facilities:

  • Training facilities;
  • Logistics facilities;
  • Camp facilities;
  • Information communication technology infrastructure;
  • Roads; and
  • Utilities.

Defence also expects there may be a need for other services to support ASMTI:

  • Health;
  • Hospitality and catering;
  • Accommodation;
  • Tourism; and
  • Recreation.

More detail will be made available as planning progresses.