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Documentation Requirement for Progression through or Transition into Medical Officer Career Structure

PDF Version

Documentation required by MOPCDC (See Note 1):

  • Original degree
  • Current registration
  • Any postgraduate qualifications (diplomas, degrees, fellowships).
  • Details of any postgraduate study in progress and estimated completion date.
  • Details of successfully completed military and military courses as detailed in attached proforma (please complete this sheet and attach any relevant certificates). Please list any other courses that you have completed but are not included in the proforma.
  • Service history including positions held and deployments. This should include dates and details of tasks/roles undertaken during these posts. Both military and civilian posts should be included and details provided as to whether these were full time or part time.
  • Evidence of compliance with Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development requirements of relevant College/Faculty.

Note 1: If a form AD057-1 Health Professional Initial Information and/or AD057-2 Health Professional Update Information/Annual Verification have already been completed and verified, copies of these may substitute for some of the required documentation. Any required information not covered in these forms must be provided in the requested format.


  • All documents should be certified true copies. Certification may be by the member’s Senior Medical Officer, Senior Health Officer or equivalent.
  • A Statutory Declaration will be acceptable for those courses that do not issue a completion certificate. It will also be acceptable as an interim measure where the MO is unable to readily access the required documents, eg. On deployment or posting overseas
  • Certificates of qualifications and courses that a Medical Officer may regard as equivalent to any of the requirements below are to be annotated as such on the document package cover sheet.
  • All documents are preferably to be on A4 paper, using reduced copies of originals where necessary, and enclosed in a single, standard, punched A4 sheet protector for ease of handling by the Committee. If more than one sheet protector is required then the number of sheet protectors must be kept to a minimum and the number used outlined on the cover sheet (see below).
  • The documentation is to be covered with an A4 cover sheet that contains the following information:
    • the Medical Officer’s name, birth date, employee (PMKeys) number, contact details (preferred mailing address, telephone and e-mail) in a plain, bolded, 16 point typeface
    • an index outlining the contents of the document package and any courses that are claimed as equivalents to those outlined above
  • The documentation should be posted to:
    MOPCDC Secretariat
    Attention: CMDR N.M. Curtis
    Campbell Park Offices


Military and Military Medical Courses Completed

PMKeys/Service Number:   Name:  
Course Location Date(s) Certification provided (Y/N)
Initial Entry Officer Course
Eg. Qualified Entry Officer Course, New Entry Officer Course, Direct Entry Officer Course, Specialist Service Officer Course, Initial Officer Course
Logistic Officer Basic Course      
Standard NBCD or Combat Survivability (military)      
Advanced NBCD or Combat Survivability (military)
Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)      
Military medicine introductory course
Health Service Officer Acquaint Course, RMO Intro course, Health Specialist Officer Course
Operational Health Support      
RAAF Aviation Medicine (Health Service Officer Course Phase 2-4)      
Fixed Wing AME      
Rotary Wing AME      
Underwater Medicine Course      
Medical Officers' NBCD      
Joint Health Planning Course      
Major Incident Medical Management and Support Course (MIMMS)      

Note 2: If course requires refresher training to maintain currency, list the most recent date(s) only

14 April, 2011