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A career where you may reveal their secrets, protect our own or inform national security strategy?

In one of the Defence Intelligence and Cyber streams, your training and development will be tailored for you to kick off your career in one of the three Defence Intelligence Agencies. We seek applications from graduates of all disciplines, because it is ultimately the combination of your skills and qualifications, in conjunction with your diverse experiences and aptitude for analysis, technology, innovation, critical thinking and/or problem solving that will propel you into your future career in the national security environment.

Our graduates will undertake training in one of the following three pathways leading to work in a Defence Intelligence Agency.

Which development program is right for you?

Intelligence Analyst

As an Intelligence Analyst, you will evaluate information from a variety of classified and unclassified sources. This information is often incomplete, contradictory and can vary widely in terms of reliability. The information or data, may need to be examined from a diverse range of analysis view points, such as technical, cultural, political, scientific or others. Consequently our analysts come from a variety of backgrounds and from all disciplines. For those with a technical or scientific background, you will use your strong analytical skills and knowledge of engineering, science, mathematics and other related disciplines to analyse highly technical subjects in contributing to critical intelligence assessments or the development of key enabling capabilities. No matter what your background, your ability to think critically and creatively to solve difficult problems is crucial. Your work will involve identifying patterns, trends, relationships and indicators to develop meaningful and useful intelligence for Defence and senior government decision-makers and the Australian Defence Force.

Click here to view more information about Analysts

Cyber and Information Security Specialist

Get behind the scenes of the Australian Government’s front-line of defence against sophisticated foreign hackers. Our adversaries are often well resourced, highly skilled and able to conceal themselves. We need good people who are willing to immerse themselves in the murky world of cyber security to help us stay ahead of the hackers.

Click here to view more information about Cyber and Information Security Specialists

Information Technologists

The Intelligence and Security Group employs dedicated IT specialists to keep our unique and complex systems operational and to develop cutting edge new capabilities. As a graduate in the Information Technologist pathway you will be placed in a team that matches your skills and personal interests, and have the opportunity to work with experts in a diverse range of fields. Click here to view more information about Information Technologists

If you think you have what it takes, we want you! However, the first step in your success is to determine whether you meet minimum eligibility requirements and whether you consider yourself suitable to succeed through a stringent and invasive security vetting process. Take time to review the security vetting requirements thoroughly before choosing to submit your application.

Quick Details

  • Degree types: All degree disciplines, with a particular focus on IT, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Salary: $65,133 pa + 15.4% Super
  • Program:
    • 12 months - 3 x 4 month rotations
  • Eligibility: View eligibility requirements
  • Intake: February (AGO/ASD/DIO); June (ASD and AGO)
  • Location: Canberra
  • Benefits: Why Choose Defence
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