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Analysts are creative, energetic people who can take complex and rapidly changing issues, conduct in-depth analysis and clearly communicate their judgements. Due to the diverse and dynamic nature of our work we are looking for people with strong critical thinking, foreign languages, research and analysis, teamwork and communication skills and not a specific tertiary qualification. Your ability to work as part of a team is also vital as this will develop and hone your trade-craft skills and achieve effective outcomes for Defence Intelligence Agencies.


  • Exposure to high profile Defence, Government and National Intelligence Community representatives
  • Opportunity to make a real contribution to maintaining Australia’s national security
  • Unique opportunities for talented people to develop and expand their skills
  • Opportunity to work in support of the Australian Defence Force both within and outside of Australia


As a graduate analyst, you can apply for positions within the Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO), the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), or the Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO). The roles and functions of these agencies differ, as do the analytical opportunities they offer. Your skills and interests may suit one agency more than the others, so it is worth exploring what each has to offer.


As an analyst within AGO you will undertake a specialist five-month training course to introduce you to the world of geospatial-intelligence (GEOINT). You will analyse information derived from imagery collected by a range of sensors and platforms, including satellites and aircraft. You will use advanced geographic information systems to integrate and manipulate geospatial datasets, and fuse collateral information derived from other intelligence sources. After completing your training, you will become a GEOINT analyst; ready to support long-term strategic intelligence assessments or time-critical tactical operations. Depending on the skills you bring to AGO, there is also scope to undertake specialist GEOINT work with a technical focus. Specialist skills will be employed to conduct detailed analysis of sensor information or the development of exploitation and portrayal tools and services. We are seeking talented graduates from a diverse range of disciplines including, but not limited to, remote sensing, geomatics, geographic information systems, international relations and science to fill a number of roles. In general, positions are for Canberra-based employment.


As an analyst within ASD you will undertake a diverse range of complex tasks. Your role will vary, depending on your skills and the role of your team in supporting either ASD's foreign intelligence or its cyber and information security mission. The analyst graduate stream in ASD may take you into a technical role, in which you manipulate raw data, using a range of specially designed or commercially available data manipulation, analytic and data collection tools. In a technical role you may also contribute to the further development of such tools as well as the creation of advanced analytic techniques. You may be more interested in an intelligence analyst role, where you may research information from classified and unclassified sources and use your results to guide you in driving the collection, analysis and reporting of foreign signals of interest to meet the government's requirements. You may develop expertise about a country, region, organisation or technology of interest, use your judgement to determine what information meets the intelligence needs of our government, analyse and report it accordingly. This may include working with languages other than English. You may find a role in policy development or in ensuring ASD's activities comply with the legal and policy frameworks in which we operate. We are looking for graduates from a range of disciplines, including maths, sciences, IT, engineering and arts/humanities, to fill a myriad of roles.


As a DIO analyst, you will provide strategic intelligence analysis to the Defence Minister, senior Defence staff, other government agencies and policymakers. You will deliver intelligence support to deployed Australian civilian and military Defence personnel. Your assessments and advice will help the Australian Government and the Australian Defence Force understand international developments and how they affect Australia’s security. Your work will cover critical issues, including support to military operations, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, regional security, foreign military capabilities and weapons systems, cyber threats and defence-related technologies.

Throughout your career as a DIO analyst, you will be encouraged to develop novel analytic approaches and test conventional thinking. You will personally brief senior Defence officials, and build highly effective and collaborative professional relationships with intelligence customers and collectors. You will work in a supportive, collaborative and encouraging environment that will challenge, extend and reward you.

We are interested in graduates from a wide range of disciplines including, but not limited to, international relations, arts/humanities, physics, maths, engineering (aerospace, electrical and chemical), and chemistry and biology (microbiology, molecular biology and virology) to fill a number of roles. In all of DIO’s analytic roles, you will be given the opportunity to advance your subject matter expertise and to develop your intelligence trade-craft skills through an extensive training program and attendance at a wide variety of forums, both domestically and internationally.

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Quick Details

  • Degree types: All degrees; see pathways within the Intelligence & Security Development Program for more details
  • Salary: $65,133 pa + 15.4% super
  • Program:
    • 12 months – 3 x 4 month rotations
  • Eligibility: View eligibility requirements
  • Intake: February (AGO/ASD/DIO); June (ASD only)
  • Location: Canberra
  • Benefits: Why Choose Defence
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