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Stage 1 - Online Application

Applications open on 19 February 2018 and close on 3 April 2018.

Applicants are required to complete an on-line application for entry into the stream of their choice.

Two preferences can be selected.

Applicants are required to answer eligibility questions, submit personal details, and upload documents such as resume, and proof of citizenship or citizenship application. After submitting the pre-application, eligible candidates will be invited to complete a short online cognitive test.

After completing the online test, applicants are advised which streams they meet the minimum requirements for and are asked to address selection criteria and provide details of academic results, relevant skills, qualifications, current and previous employment.

To ensure your application reaches the best possible standard, it is recommended that applicants read the Hints and Tips for Writing your Application before applying.

Please note: you will receive system generated emails throughout the application process, it is important that you check your spam/junk mail email folders regularly.

The Application – Step by Step

Step 1.

Application Part 1 (must be submitted by 3 April 2018)

Personal Details: Please complete all personal details.

Eligibility: You will be asked questions which relate to eligibility for the program such as citizenship, completion of degree prior to program commencement, security clearance requirements and relocation. Please complete all questions; these will be verified at a later stage.

Documentation: At this time you will be requested to upload a copy of your resume, academic transcript/s and citizenship certificate, or proof of citizenship application. Hint: If you have multiple degrees/qualifications, you can scan these into one document and upload, providing the document does not exceed the size limit of 1MB

Step 2.

Revelian Online Test

After submitting your pre-application you will be invited to undertake a short online test. This test takes only 20-30mins. You will be given two days to complete this.

Please note: If you have undertaken Revelian OCAT testing in the last 12 months your previous results will be used; you will be asked to release these results by following the instructions of the email, even if another employer invites you to complete the test. If you choose not to release previous results your application will not be progressed.

When undertaking the online test you should ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed, well rested, free from distractions, not receiving help from anyone else, and not affected by alcohol or other drugs. You should be honest and accurate in your responses.

After completing the online assessment you may be invited to complete the application. You will also be advised of the streams you are eligible to apply for. It is important that you take note of this information.

Step 3.

Application Part 2

After being invited to submit your application, you will have until 6 April 2018 to submit your complete application. In addition to selecting stream preferences and responding to selection criteria you will also be asked to enter your degree results (i.e. each subject (Australian degrees only)), upload your academic transcript/s, and list work experience /employment details.

Stream Preferences: When applying through the Defence Graduate Application portal, you will be asked to select your preferred career stream (e.g. ICT, HR, Engineering, etc). Please refer back to the stream information on this site, and the email you would have received from the Graduate Team.

Educational qualifications: Please ensure you include the degree completed that is most closely associated with your first preference at this point in the application. It is important that when entering subject results (Australian degrees only) that you include any failed subjects. This information will be verified against documents you have uploaded. If you have an overseas degree, it is important you have this recognised in Australia. More information is available from Australian Education International..

You will be provided the opportunity to list any further qualifications obtained, including secondary degrees or industry certifications.

Responses to Selection Criteria: Selection criteria provide a set of measurable standards against which employers can assess your application. Defence uses capabilities identified within the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) Integrated Leadership System to measure and rank applicants responses to each question on the application.

You will be required to submit a ‘one page pitch’ against the criteria being assessed. Your one page pitch is limited to a maximum of 1000 words to address all criteria questions, not 1000 words per individual criteria question. How you prepare your pitch is up to you, however, please ensure that you incorporate responses and examples against each criteria. Applicants are strongly advised to read our Hints and Tips for completing your application prior to submitting your application.

Work Experience / Employment: Applicants should include in this area reference to any work experience and/or employment undertaken. Work experience is not limited to paid employment. Please include any relevant volunteer, internships, and unpaid employment. 

Referees: Please note that you will not be required to supply details of referees at this point. If invited to attend an assessment centre you will be asked to provide two written referee reports. The Graduate Office will provide the template for these reports. It is preferred that referees be someone who knows your skills and abilities in relation to work or study, however character referees are acceptable as long as they are not family members.