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List of Games and Apps

Australian Government. Department of Defence

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The Australian Army

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  • The Mentor Logo

    The Mentor

    Experience what it’s like to work in the Navy, Army or Air Force as an engineer. Sign up for The Mentor to follow a real ADF engineering mentor and support real training exercises from your computer and mobile.

    • Available for Web
    • Available for Mobile
  • Rise & Command logo

    Rise & Command

    Watch carefully, identify where you need support, spot your enemy's weaknesses and make the right decisions. It's all on your shoulders.

    • Available for Web
  • Learning the Ropes logo

    Army Artillery

    Battle online against your opponents in this Army Artillery warfare game on your iPad. Create your own artillery battery and use the support of the Australian Army's Tiger helicopters to strike your enemy.

    • Available for Mobile

Royal Australian Air Force

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  • The Paper Baron

    The Paper Baron

    Paper Baron takes everyone’s favourite pastime, paper planes, to the next level. This skill-based social game lets you launch paper planes on your iPhone and fly against people in the real world.

    • Available for Web
    • Available for Mobile
  • Officer Training School logo

    Officer Training School

    Want to become a leader in the Air Force? Immerse yourself in our interactive Officer Training School and get a warts-and-all look through the eyes of our cadets.

    • Available for Web
  • Strike Fighter logo

    Strike Fighter

    Control the skies in this exciting game of air combat. Pilot the new F-35 Strike Fighter, collect your upgrades and become the ultimate Strike Fighter.

    • Available for Mobile

Royal Australian Navy

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  • Ocean Recon logo

    Ocean Recon

    Go inside a real Collins Class submarine and experience life under the sea. On board, you’ll be able to interact with content like videos, facts, figures, photos and more.

    • Available for Web
  • Secure the Deck logo

    Secure the Deck

    Could you airdrop people from a swinging rope attached to your Seahawk helicopter… on the high seas… while the ship is rolling? Test your nerves and reflexes with this fun mobile game.

    • Available for Web
  • Learning the Ropes logo

    Learning the Ropes

    Learn how to tie Navy knots, the proper way. Download the correct techniques for tying knots to your iPhone and follow the animated tutorials from the Royal Australian Navy.

    • Available for Web
    • Available for Mobile