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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log FY 14/15

Commencing 1 May 2011, Defence began publishing documents released under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

The documents released as a result of an Freedom of Information request have, due to the redacting processes, been made available on this site in Portable Document Format (PDF). They are available for downloading and printing.

If you require access to the documents in an alternative format please contact the FOI Directorate.

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Date (documents
received by applicant)
FOI No Title (link to documents) Access Exemptions (Link to FOI Act)
24-Jun-2015 368/14/15

Navy Drug use and deaths in service

Partial s47F
15-Jun-2015 310/14/15

Copy of the a review of Health Information Practices in late 2013

Partial Disclosure 47E | 47F
18-Jun-2015 362/14/15

Military personnel suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Full Disclosure N/A
15-Jun-2015 326/14/15

Incidents logged onto the Defence Policing & Security Management System

Partial Disclosure s33 | 37 | 47E | 47F
5-Jun-2015 363/14/15

Review of Notifiable Incidents System in Defence

Full Disclosure N/A
4-Jun-2015 349/14/15

Training documents

Partial Access 33 | 47E | 47F
1-Jun-2015 352/14/15

Minute to CASAC entitled maximising female participation in Army

Partial Access 47F
21-May-2015 247/14/15

Correspondence since 01Jan10 potential transfer, sale or development of 11 Mile Antenna Farm, NT

Partial Access 47B | 47F
20-May-2015 347/14/15

Review of Recognition for 1 CDO REGT Members for ASM with Clasp CT/SR

Partial Access 33 | 47F
18-May-2015 342/14/15

Instructions provided to RAND by the Department of Defence for the Australia's Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise Preparing for the 21st Century report

Partial Denied 47G
18-May-2015 353/14/15

Access to budgeted costs for Prince Harry attachment to ADF

Partial Denied 47F
14-May-2015 323/14/15

Invitee details of morning tea in honour of ADF & AFP personnel

Partial Access s47F
12-May-2015 322/14/15

Aircraft incident 21 Mar 14

Partial Access 24A
29-Apr-2015 295/14/15

Itinerary & Passenger Manifest for PM Special Purpose Aircraft 22 March 2015

Partial Access s47F
23-Apr-2015 245/14/15

Options Papers for Collins Class Replacement FY13/14

Partial Access s33 | 47 | 47F
29-Apr-2015 123/14/15

Jet Fuel Impact Study Report

Full Access
22-Apr-2015 240/14/15

Briefings and Correspondence since 22 Jul 12 to 22 Sep 12 to Chief of Army

Partial Access s22 | s47F
15-Apr-2015 227/14/15

Cancellation of DI(G) ADMIN 55–1 ISSUE NO ADMIN B/9/96 of 27 AUG 96

Partial Access 47F | 22
14-Apr-2015 236/14/15

Specific chapters of the Wraith Review of December 2013

Partial Access s33, 47C & 47D
30-Mar-2015 273/14/15

Telephone records

Partial Access 47F
30-Mar-2015 270/14/15

Defence APS IT jobs advertised since 2013 to present

Full Access
18-Mar-2015 225/14/15

Contract for Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter support services

Partial Access 47F | 47G
23-Feb-2015 155/14/15

Body mass index statistics

Full Access
2-Mar-2015 181/14/15

Documents relating to invalidity consideration

Partial 42 | 47E
16-Feb-2015 154/14/15

Documents relating to service police/Air Force Police employment

Partial 37 | 47C | 47E | 47F
20-Feb-2015 150/14/15

Soryu Submarines

Partial 33 | 47 | 47C | 47F | 47G
13-Feb-2015 168/14/15

Hospitality and travel expenses MINDEF and Assistant MINDEF

Partial 24A | 33 | 47F
16-Feb-2015 144/14/15

Tracking of Contacts IAW RAAF 41 Wing Standing Orders

Partial 47E
13-Feb-2015 167/14/15

Joint Commonwealth-ADF Submission to the Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal

Partial 33
3-Feb-2015 110/14/15

Documents pertaining to OP HABITAT 1991

Partial 22 | 47F
6-Feb-2015 100/14/15

Military Justice Audits 2013/14

Partial 47F
5-Feb-2015 205/14/15

Darwin Flight Transcript 11 Dec 14

Partial 47F
4-Feb-2015 127/14/15

Training Material from Air Force Surveillance Operations Training Course

Partial 47E
16-Jan-2015 069/14/15

Liberation of Kuwait Medal

Partial 6A | 47C | 47F | 33(a)(iii)
8-Jan-2015 183/14/15

Copy of itinerary & costings for all international travel undertaken by MINDEF from 7 Sep - 9 Dec 14

Partial 47F
8-Jan-2015 197/14/15

Communication between MINDEF or his office and Defence concerning media reports on 5 Dec 14

Partial 47F
07-Jan-2015 061/14/15

Export permits for small and light weapons to Sri Lanka, PNG and New Caledonia for 2012

Partial s33 | 47F | 47G
24-Dec-2014 142/14/15

Mental Health Screening Continuum Report

Full Access
17-Dec-2014 136/14/15

Documents summarising the backlog of maintenance work across the Defence estate

Full Access
2-Dec-2014 096/14/15

Documents relating to the arrest, detention and policing of our client on the Swan Island Military facility on the 2 October 2014

Partial Access 22 | 24 | 33 | 47E | 47F
28-Nov-2014 151/14/15

2014 Safety Culture Survey at 1RSU

Partial Access 47F
25-Nov-2014 017/14/15

Advice to MINDEF dealing with the adequacy of helicopter support for ADF personnel in Afghanistan

Partial Access 22 | 33 | 34 | 47C | 47F
20-Nov-2014 131/14/15

Records of sentencing Defence correspondence file series, designated by the National Archives as CRS A1945

Partial Access 47F
20-Nov-2014 130/14/15

Records of sentencing of Defence correspondence file series, designated by the National Archives as CRS A4087

Full Access
21-Nov-2014 124/14/15

Correspondence between Defence and OMINDEF to use images

Partial Access 47F
18-Nov-2014 112/14/15

Operation Resolute Mental Health Surveillance Report

Partial Access 47E
14-Nov-2014 098/14/15

Emails relating to training and pay progression

Partial Access 47F
13-Nov-2014 090/14/15

Documents relating to action imposed regarding the making of the DVD 'The Fist' by SOTG Commandos

Partial Access 22 | 38 | 47F
6-Nov-2014 106/14/15

Amended Deed of Settlement of Trust for Point Nepean

Partial Access 47F
28-Oct-2014 089/14/15

Special Purpose Aircraft request forms and catering profile for Minister Pyne

Partial Access 22 | 24A
21-Oct-2014 063/14/15

Correspondence from named SA Senators to MINDEF and Defence on SEA1000 Future Submarine Project

Partial Access 47F
1-Oct-2014 038/14/15

Media Ops inquiry dated 15 April 2014

Partial Access 38 | 47F
7-Oct-2014 050/14/15

Documents relating to FOI 009/14/15

Partial Access 22 | 25 | 33 | 47F
26-Sep-2014 036/14/15

Wilson Review of 2005 and Clarke Review of 2003

Full Access
03-Sept-2014 029/14/15

ADFIS report 5/2013 'Contextualised' Unacceptable Behaviour Data dated
17 May 2013

Partial Access 47F
29-Aug-2014 007/14/15

Investigation into wrong information provided about disciplinary action on DVD

Partial Access 22 | 33 | 38 | 47F
26-Aug-2014 413/13/14

Export of Defence and Strategic Goods from Australia for FY 12/13

Full Access
26-Aug-2014 026/14/15

Offer of Dag Hammarskjold medal

Partial Access 22 | 47F
8-Aug-2014 008/14/15

Ministerial briefs prepared by the Department for Minister Johnston

Partial Access 7 | 33 | 37 | 47F
1-Aug-2014 279/13/14

Burns allegations made by asylum seekers

Partial Access 22 | 47E | 47F
31-Jul-2014 328/13/14

Video of 2nd Commando Regiment

Partial Access 33 | 47F
25-Jul-2014 395/13/14

Publications relating to RAAF 41 Wing

Partial Access 33 | 47F
18-Jul-2014 421/13/14

Documents relating to unacceptable behaviour

Partial Access 22 | 47E | 47F
14-Jul-2014 292/13/14

Joint Facilities and Full Knowledge and Concurrence

Partial Access 7 | 22 | 33 | 47F
8-Jul-2014 435/13/14

Travel by Angus Houston on 34 SQN Aircraft

Full Access 22
8-Jul-2014 296/13/14

Documents received by the Canadian High Commission facilitating exchanges from 2000 - 2010

Partial Access 47F
7-Jul-2014 410/13/14

Statutory Declaration relating to John Holland Joss Construction Joint Venture

Partial Access 47G
3-Jul-2014 231/13/14

Lithgow (Marrangaroo Training Centre) Bushfire 16 October 2013

Partial Access 47F and 38
2-Jul-2014 308/13/14

Specific Defence Security Authority investigation reports from FY 10/11, 11/12 and 12/13

Partial Access 24A | 33 | 47F | 47G